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Kannskje han leser ikke så vel, men han sikkert snakke bedre en jeg.  If you're from a country where a large percent of the population thinks that anyone in their country shouldn't be allowed to have signs in their own language in their own neighborhood, you reaaally feel like a dick when you live in other countries and don't speak the language. Besides, even trying (when you're white) usually gets you preferential treatment compared to people who don't (or aren't...
Squeezed in my workout after all, had an awesome lunch, a great first dinner, and dinner number three will be up in about ten minutes.
The Danish language. I'm getting to where I can understand it for basic normal conversations, I know how to pronounce things, and I know enough words to usually at least respond to questions reasonably well when written. The grammar is beyond basic. I just totally seize up and fail miserably when I try to speak it.  I learned conversational Icelandic without even studying in under three months. The pronunciation is at least as hard as Danish and the grammar is infinitely...
Finn: OCD perhaps? I think I'm going to sell my stark. The color doesn't actually work with anything I own, I should have got the dark red or navy. I also never wear the damned thing, and it's kinda stupid to own shit I don't use. Other than going to dinner with my best friend at the snobbiest restaurant in Reykjavik in August, and a lecture I gave last week, I've not worn my (one remaining pair) of trousers, an OCBD except with jeans, or my brogues more than three times...
Um.. okay, stomachbug, one minor concession... I think I'll postpone ab day until I can hold an incline plank for 2 min without throwing up in my mouth.
Fuck you stomach bug. I got shit to do today and you're not going to fucking stop me.
This week is seriously trying to kill me.
Is neither an option without getting drunk at home?Given the choice, though, the Aged Alcoholic Ama'rrites are generally far more entertaining. There was a guy putting billiards pegs up his nose and in his ears last week.
Denmark: Today is the first of November. IDGAF what Tuborg tells you, it is not Christmas yet, take the damned reindeer antlers off.
Just had the best kebab of my life. Apparently the shitty little place behind my house is secretly a gourmet chef. Can't decide whether to go downtown or just hang out in Shithole-City tonight, though.
New Posts  All Forums: