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 I've actually yet to set foot in a sushi place here that's not run by Chinese people...  Yeah, it's not that good. I miss the stuff in Iceland. Granted that's not made by Japanese people either, but it's a hell of a lot better (amazing fish). Dude, Amager. We have three kinds of food: Overpriced Indo-Pakistani that isn't good, "Italian Pizza" that's always run by a Syrian guy and sells mostly kebab and falafel, and "asian" which is always something called "Running Sushi"...
I know. I speak (at least I still understand) Mandarin. The rest of the conversation was what made it insulting. Not gonna dwell on it though. I'll go to the other sushi joint across the street, they're much friendlier.
Not racist (well, probably not enough to be worthy of note). I just resent being called a nasty term for foreigner by someone who has had more time to integrate but hasn't even tried, in a country neither of us is from. I mean shit buddy, I speak their language, the local language, and an international language, and they're making fun of me?
I don't really care that they were talking shit about me in a language that they don't understand, but it does annoy me that the Chinese who run my local sushi place called me waiguoren when I ordered in Danish and they speak less Danish than I do, so are obviously FOB.  Also, when you're 500m from a university with a huge Asian Studies department, maybe not the best idea to talk shit about customers in one of the more popular languages of study.
I lost my phone and I'm hungover as shit.
Not precisely. It's very interdisciplinary but my current research is on the inter-relation of the Anglo-Saxon and medieval Nordic literary traditions, focusing on a certain mythological dynasty that was centered in Denmark somewhere around 400-600 AD. It's a very complicated topic, and I use a lot of different sources, everything from runic inscriptions to coinage to legal documents, and yes, I also have to occasionally reference the Eddas, which are where we get most of...
Yeah, i mean it's pretty common in Academia. Unfortunately with the popularity of a certain marvel series in film right now a lot more people have been "discovering" my field, and take advantage of it trying to ask me more questions. Doesn't help that there's a hokey ass religion set up around it. I'm going to start doing that.
lol. this is the third time this week someone here has bailed on plans we had last minute. You danes are an untrustworthy lot. Reason: "We accidentally got drunk too early".
Helvede danske jävlar
Actually, it's just that most people think my area of study is really cool because of the way some of the subject matter has been adapted in pop culture. Then they ask questions or tell me things they think are facts.Then they ask what I do, and I try to make it as simple as possible, but because I've spent so long in my little ivory tower I'm incapable of explaining anything in laymans terms and their eyes invariably gloss over and they stop talking to me as quick as they...
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