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Need to be at work in Malmo tonight. Think I have the damned flu.
 Assuming this is not a joke: Congratulations.
I need to do some stuff today but I just can't motivate myself to get out of the house. This lack of willpower is troubling.
how do I sig that?
Re: Thread name: anything in the last two pages of this thread. Nu metal? WTF is that, it sounds horrible.
A) you imply I had manhood at some pointB) not gonna get into reasons, but i'm not going to try to make that happen. Trust me, good reasons.
Not for a 27 year old...
You are.______________________Cute girl I go to school with saw me in my comfy ass Icelandic sweater today, reading "The Old Man and the Sea" (I figure I've been in college for like ten years, I should read classics at some point)."OMG LIAM!!! THAT'S WHO YOU REMIND ME OF!""huh?""Ernest Hemmingway! You look like the Nordic Hemmingway!"I'm pretty happy about this, dude was good looking when he was younger, right? No clue why she thinks we look alike, because we don't, and no...
He's still around?
yup. Still recording and touring. I thought their last album got pretty popular, at least in Europe. It's actually kinda funny, I've partied with the guys and the crew on more than a handful of occasions, but I never actually heard any of their music other than that one episode of the Simpsons...
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