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Well he's nice enough. Dunno about the asshole he was with, though.
Finn was met. Beer was had. Dette var sjovt.
... It isn't?
Going home: Fucking exhausted.   Am home: Can't sleep.
1500 SEK after travel expenses and conversion fees for 3 hours of actual work over a 6 hour period. Happy. __________________________ STITCHY Is this one of those magical times when Thanksgimme and Channughchkhckagh line up? I want a sammich made of stuffing, turkey, and gravy with Latkas instead of bread. Make it go!
Need to be at work in Malmo tonight. Think I have the damned flu.
 Assuming this is not a joke: Congratulations.
I need to do some stuff today but I just can't motivate myself to get out of the house. This lack of willpower is troubling.
how do I sig that?
Re: Thread name: anything in the last two pages of this thread. Nu metal? WTF is that, it sounds horrible.
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