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that sounds fun :)
Made that a bit more devious for you.
Don't worry about it, joke about the girl...
I was "in stitches" last week, lol
Really? What was his name?
I remember reading that and thinking, "if these are the people pushing the policies that cause half of Israel's security problems, why the fuck are they exempt from getting shot at?"I've resigned myself to the fact I will never have the faintest grasp on anything that happens between Budapest and Calcutta.
That was the original plan, but I had so much shit (academic) that I needed to do because I have sources in Denmark that aren't available online or in Iceland that I had to push it back almost a week. I barely got the shit done as it is, and I wound up basically running just short of 20km today to get to all the shit i needed to before it closed.Also, why the FUCK did I go to the post office today? Literally 1.5 hour wait.
I was on the metro, and coming up the escalator I kinda lost my footing where it stops, dude was coming up the left side and bowled me over, naturally my hands were in my pockets so I jjust ate shit face first into the steel plate on the floor and wound up with some unintentionally body modifications.On the plus side, one of my female friends said it's really hot.
Left all the moving shit to the last minute (not procrastinating, legitimately too busy with schoolwork to get it done). Got everything done today, but fuck was it exhausting. Just gotta toss my clothes in my other suitcase and then go to the airport around 4am. Thank god for my two suitcase rule or I'd be fucked.
Went from this last friday To this today Also, i'll be back in Iceland in 24 hours !!!
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