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All the shit for my company should be done by the time I get back from the US at the end of May. Pretty psyched to start making sales and getting money out of this after all the initial investment I put into it.
For the first time in years I own both a proper bed and a mattress.  What joy is this!?
Just a pair of LL Bean hunting boots. I wax them pretty regularly and they're great for stuff like that. Hehe just a fjörð, the glaciers are a bit further north, the mountains are in the way. Yeah, I should probably update that seeing as how I haven´t left the Nordic countries in over a year...  I try ;) Even got yelled at last weekend for "pretending to be foreign to pick up chicks". I'd call that successful integration.
I don't really do streetwear, but I walked down a road to get here...  
Had a good day.
Was in a bad mood today and had to talk to someone about some shit I really didn't want to talk about, and they made it infinitely more painful than it needed to be. As a result I decided to make a mixepoix/traditional Icelandic lamb stew hybrid, winning a bet that I couldn't succesfully fuse Provencal with Icelandic cuisine, and a huge loaf of home made bread filled with garlic and thyme. It all came out amazing so I invited two friends over to eat and took some to one...
Waking up with a debilitating hangover when I haven't drank since saturday, smoked since sunday, or generally done anything unhealthy except have a cigarette or five (less than usual) yesterday. Seriously, the most exciting thing I've done is knit. Oh. And apparently I'm out of painkillers. Joy.
Vinir minir og ég voru komnum til kebabhússins, þegar við  vórum full, við pantaðu ógeðslegt mikið að borða, og allir fóru heim. ég var bara eins að standa þarna, og segi ég 'já, svona, ég takast bara eitt kebab... er þetta lagi?
I have a 40 page research paper that is due on the second. I'd been working on it for months, and it was shit. On sunday I had a slight freakout, deleted it, and overwrote the file. I just rewrote a better paper, just yesterday and today, that is the appropriate length, far more cohesive and organized, and has a really cool title, all in time to go out and get drunk for new years.... I'm really fucking happy about that, but mostly just relieved that I got this done before...
Roasted veggies are perfect.  Roast is almost ready to go in the oven Gravy came out great, and I Always fuck the gravy up.  Yorkshire pudding batter is in the works, just waiting on people to start getting here to pop it in the oven. Now if everyone manages to make it over here we're in line for a great christmas dinner :)
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