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While it's perfectly legal to pick libterty caps, which grow wild here, I'm actually going to my edible mushroom spot today, i can get liberty caps pretty much anywhere. Gotta go down to the forrest for the tasty non trippy ones
Going mushroom picking in a bit, its rainy, but my friend has her car today so we can go to my secret spot without walking an hour in the cold and rain each way
Gf has been in asia for a month partying then doing yoga instructor school having the time of her life in great weather. I've been hunting for a job in shitty early icelandic winter and trying not to be depressed. She's not back for another month
Autumn is here, but Winter is Coming.
Just a candid around town, jacket by 66 north, shirt woolrich, vest and bag vintage barbour, hat by me. Not pictured, handknit socks, bean boots and naked and famous jeans. Admittedly i may be more country bumpkin than streetwear but it's iceland and its fucking cold.Bonus pic of me making the hat back on the shore of faxaflói back in august: [[SPOILER]]
So hungover
I literally dont remember the last time i slept this well.
Sadly the best i can do, bout ten min later when a bunch of tourists found my sect hotspring because: fuck tripadvisor and my friend snapped a pic right before i told them i wasnt going to put on a swimsuit even if I'd had one. (Pictured, aforementioned pants and boots)
No streets for miles but it sure as hell aint classic menswear. Sweater and hat hand knit icelandic lopi, vest barbour, jacket 66 north, not pictured naked and famous jeans and bean boots.
thanks buddy :)
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