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So hungover
I literally dont remember the last time i slept this well.
Sadly the best i can do, bout ten min later when a bunch of tourists found my sect hotspring because: fuck tripadvisor and my friend snapped a pic right before i told them i wasnt going to put on a swimsuit even if I'd had one. (Pictured, aforementioned pants and boots)
No streets for miles but it sure as hell aint classic menswear. Sweater and hat hand knit icelandic lopi, vest barbour, jacket 66 north, not pictured naked and famous jeans and bean boots.
thanks buddy :)
  It's siglufjörður, which, oddly enough means seal-fjord, and is where I get a good deal of my sealskin from. also, managed to fish enough for the week today without losing any lures so much happy. free lunch is free.
entertainment value is an understatement. I have a tendency to fall in the water, which up here is pretty cold. My friends think it's hilarious (a lot of people fish for food here, especially young people with shitty jobs).
yeah, I also fish for food as often as I'm able.
I'd been averaging 10 km of walking like every day for the last week, yesterday walked 29. Legs are fucking killing me. no willpower to leave the apartment today but I REALLY want to go fishing, haven't been in four days.
Got all my paperwork handed in, good til september. Spent a week at a festival up north, had a blast.   Company is chugging along, making unofficial sales until I get the catalog up online, but given the number of "pre-pro samples" I've been "giving" to friends of friends... well, I'm pretty happy.   Got a new seal skin, much better quality than the last one in terms of pattern and flexibility, will make for better wallets, first purse came out great too.
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