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I've used both. Here are the trade-offs:     Pros:   Induction is just as responsive as gas   Nuff said   Faster and more precise than gas   You have a broad range of very precise settings. You can boil large pots of water much faster, and go much lower to find temperatures that keep chocolate at its melting point, or keep milk hot without simmering. This is amazing if you're OCD and very scientific in your cooking approach. Less so if you're a free spirit who...
I have a pair of Diesel Zatiny. I love the fit and the slight boot cut, but the low rise makes them unusable when wearing a tucked shirt and blazer.   Is there a selvedge jean with a similar cut I could buy?
  Anyone know the details about this outfit? pants, shirt, sc               +1 on the jacket. This is almost exactly what I want to have made.   Anyone know the details on the fabric?
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