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Call customer service.  I even posted their whatsapp number a page or so ago to contact for status. I found out what's going on with my order a full day before an email was cut.
FWIW, NJ is the main warehouse location for the US
Grey wash came out to $280 due to a friend grabbing during his trip to Italy.  Only reason I'm really okay with it.  Preference strong to bluer hues.   Here's the Havana in question: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/havana-blue-plain/P4765I.html
While I'm here, fits featuring some SuSu garb from the past few days.  Please forgive the iphone quality.     Shirt and collar pin are actually from this past outlet.
 Lol I might try and make it work.  I really do love this damn thing.Quite happy if I do say so myself.
Madison came in yesterday. Will nip the waist and shorten the sleeves but other than that, fit was what I was hoping for. However, while this is a linen cotton blend, it is a heavier fabric than what was expected. Along with it being fully lined, I doubt I will be taking it with me down to Miami in a few weeks. That being said, I believe the weight and texture will permit me to wear in F/W without any brows raising. Overall, very happy with my purchase.
Mine arrives today.  Contact SuSu via whatsapp +1 (214) 600 3811 or call them directly with your order number.  I did that and received a more prompt update vs waiting for an email with tracking.
General public doesn't get priority.  Preferred if you ask me.
Ended up with the linen Madison DB.  My SA texted me an hour after it was posted in here.  Cheers for the sharing of knowledge !   Anyone happen to have this jacket in person?  Any information on the lining?  
He projected originally that it would open this past Monday.  Unfortunately not the case. However, inventory is sending now so hopefully it will be up soon.  I'll inform y'all if things change.
New Posts  All Forums: