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Oh and blue havana today.  Fabric by Reda if anyone is curious.  
Friday blues
  Hey Fellas.  Fabric is actually a linen cotton blend.  Albeit a summer composition, the weave allows me to wear as a 4 season jacket without sticking out. Just need to steam the sleeves regularly due to the creases lol.
Thanks man.  I agree that it looks a touch boxy at times but I appreciate the change of pace that comes with wearing a DB. You should peep before an outlet and hopefully lean towards pulling the trigger next time around.
June outlet pickup:  
Favorite DB today:  
Pretty sure there was but this suit was jacket and trouser only.
The rad part about it is the color is actually burgundy with tan weaves and not brown.  But the color, from a distance, is harder to notice. Yeah only a few of my suits actually have some break.  All comes down to personal preference.
You're entitled to that.
2016 Jan outlet jawn:  
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