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yeah what other size do you think will make them shorter, guy?
SL01H that I own is the most true fitting sneaker I've ever had.   But then again they might be from late 2013
what helps the rationale for copping in europe is the weak euro right now.   I know that it always is cheaper to buy over there especially with VAT reclaim if you do not live in the EU but if the EUR was still trading at 1.3-1.4 vs the dollar, the savings would be greatly affected.
Oh Conrad, you sly minx..    Tan square finally ordered  
now that someone has pointed out the collar gap, I cannot unsee it.
If anyone is looking to part with a pair of distressed/crash light wash denim in a 31, please hit me up 
1k in unread msgs....ISH GETTIN REAL
salutations de paris !   
Picked up those same boots today in the St Germain boutique.  They definitely look a bit darker but nothing to fret about.     Super bummed though, had the rep call the other stores but unfortunately no one has any destroyed denim from last season available in my size.  With the euro pricing and VAT reclaim, along with vacation mindset, I was hoping to finally pull the trigger on a pair.  Oh well, money can be diverted to other buffoonery now lol  
Can anyone confirm if destroyed jeans in a light wash are available in any of the Paris boutiques currently?   I will be flying there this week and was just curious if stock will be available outside of the below offering:
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