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Picked up those same boots today in the St Germain boutique.  They definitely look a bit darker but nothing to fret about.     Super bummed though, had the rep call the other stores but unfortunately no one has any destroyed denim from last season available in my size.  With the euro pricing and VAT reclaim, along with vacation mindset, I was hoping to finally pull the trigger on a pair.  Oh well, money can be diverted to other buffoonery now lol  
Can anyone confirm if destroyed jeans in a light wash are available in any of the Paris boutiques currently?   I will be flying there this week and was just curious if stock will be available outside of the below offering:
You mad^
What a sack of actual shit.
Dude..yeah you are asking for a fare amount of work.   Just eat the customization charges.  Completed jackets are already en route..
More labor as they cannot mass produce your customization.   Taking things out will require more time invested into your single piece.
Drew ain't coming back for y'all.   Now you gotta fight one of the other libertine partners in order to receive 5 more jackets.
Sussi, glad to see you finally got your hands on some jawnz (pause ? )
two separate matters fella
When's the last time drew responded now?
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