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Price ?
Curious on this as well..
Price was way too good.  Couldn't pass it up for sub 4
Just scored on Grailed.  Super excited to get a calf rider in  
Boy you exaggerating.I'm kicking the truth but hey, least your girlfriend can rock em too.
I'm all for #cozyboys but y'all cats out here really copping leggings...   Can't eem with ya
You guys slept in December then.   SLP Harness in suede def hit a slight discount on SSense.  Somewhere around 20%.  I almost copped, but was able to land the studded suede ones for 40%.
Looking for a black band collar moto or a black A2 in a size 48.  Please let me know.
Forgot to mention.  Thank you Brandi and the whole JE team.   My replacement villain arrived last week.  Still can't believe how above and beyond they went to rectify the matter despite me purchasing from a 3rd party vendor.  Thanks again !
Deceased ^
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