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ah my bee that's on me for skimming 😅
wait are you saying that's not a shoulder gusset then?
just who was it meant for pleighboi
lazy and ignorant 😭
some dudes lazy AF 😂
you're dumb
all of this lmfao
and just how would you know JE doesn't do that? please enlighten me.
Revolve put the entire line on sale. With the additional promo code, savings were around 36% (with the added bonus of free shipping) Guaranteed there's a certain threshold that JE does not want their stockists to pass. Few pieces here and there might get the pass, but Revolve had every single piece on discount. Do you not remember the Spring app incident dude? Cannot seriously be this blind.
this 😭😭😭JE outchea stopping up any stockist marking their clothes lower than they would like to see.only reason why revolve got it knocked down a dollar is so their promo (which is likely coded to only pick up sale merch) can still be applied.stay woke bro
New Posts  All Forums: