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buncha cats on a different forum were trying to say everything fit fine.   jacket looks like hes wearing a leather potato sack..
wow.   seriously looks awful fully zipped
ordered a curve u neck. thanks for the Spring heads up
Story Et Fall's site is completely horrendous.  But email Lian and he will take care of your order/sizing questions.   I personally do not own but have two close friends who do.  I handled one pair when I went over to visit and honestly, quality is EQUAL with SLP for an insane fraction of the price.   They have a tobacco brown and grey suede dropping this year.  Will cop once that is available.  Their tan offering (seen above) is great but I already have the Hedi 30...
current offering:
wait, SEF is super round now? peep bottega and let me know if that's still your stance.
I actually ended up going with an expo joint.  I like the hem better as its not an equal length on the front.  Only losing out since I am a sucker from u necks in general but it seems that it (expo) is still wider than a regular crew neck so not sweating.    Ordered on Revolve though so if I'm not happy, its free ship/return.  
he didn't shave wood   your sole is leather man
thoughts on expo tee versus uneck?  I wanna cop a co-mix joint but haven't decided which I like best.   Can those who own, chime in?
layman, unzip looks legitimately awful on you..   and swooc, your arms protrude WAY too far in comparison with the shoulder seam..went with wrong chest measurements for sure.  You 100% need to size up.
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