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Saphir is top notch. Might be able to locate the brush and cloth separately for less though.
Over the past few months, I have been meeting with @Brovsko , or as I know him, Anton, regularly as we both now reside in the city of brotherly love.  A common interest in menswear is what sparked our friendship which particularly happened when he sent me a few squares for his brand R.Culturi back in the Fall of 2015.  Since then, I have become a person he has bounced ideas back and forth with, which in turn lead me to be one of the first to see his most recent endeavor...
Mentioned earlier, TTS (same as Havana 40). Fits great even with my Washington (size 42) underneath.
Burgundy in action:
Possible that new stuff is added.  Highly doubt existing items would restock.
TTS was perfect.  The 40 came earlier and I will legitimately alter nothing.  Will try and get some pics up in here later but I would recommend staying with your normal suit size. For reference, I wear 40 in the Havana cuts and 42 in Washington.
Quote:Originally Posted by jamie411 I almost took this from you - I had it in my cart, and decided to let it go.   [[SPOILER]]
How would you say it fit?  I'm curious if it will require a ton of work.
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