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Yep.    Just take my money.
Fantastic Conrad ! Thank you very much
Hey Conrad, I just placed my order with you on Wednesday. If you could get that out as quickly as possible it would be much appreciated it. It is a gift for a friend that I'd need by Tuesday. Please and thank you ! -Adrian
Wore mine with a light blue houndstooth check
I am quite excited for those printed grenadines    As for some action shots, finally busted out my forest green shantung today:    
Thanks for the kind words fellas.  If the weather permits, I'll try and get my forest shantung some play this week.  Otherwise I'll rock next week.
PoW #3 in action today.    
 Of course Sorry...iPhone quality.  That is the forest shantung
Numero Tres my friend
Got mine    Beyond impressed with quality and presentation.  Will be making many more purchases going forward.  
New Posts  All Forums: