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The things that worries you people is absolutely hilarious.
turning away from the the show's chatter, 2015 Harness's are not as troublesome in the shaft as I expected.  Glad to finally get some wyatt's back in my rotation.  
Don't need to go in.  I have called the San Francisco store (while living in NJ) and had an SA locate stock and ship them to me.
Would suggest calling up a store and see if an SA can stock locate for you.
MrP only has old season stuff.  Two sizes left over. http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/saint_laurent/suede-harness-boots/516606?ppv=2
I was under the impression there is no nut suede in SS16.  I have only seen Tobacco (lighter with nickel hardware) along with Cigaro (which looks to have the same sorta set up). Specifically I am hunting nut suede with brass hardware.  Can anyone confirm if these are popping up in SS16 as well?
Smart call Ed. For whatever reason, YSL.com directly does not appear nut wyatt's.  However, if you google "Saint Laurent Harness Boot", you see these two links: Sizes 42-45http://www.ysl.com/item/index?cod10=44675354EL&siteCode=SAINTLAURENT_US&TP=54303&gclid=CKK3zoTy7coCFU2PHwodAJ0HugPID 361221BPN005710 Size 45 onlyhttp://www.ysl.com/item/index?cod10=44739383WF&siteCode=SAINTLAURENT_US&TP=54303&gclid=CM3NyIXy7coCFYIfHwodAywNwAPID 379755BPN005710 Note while similar, they...
Yep, definitely will be bringing them with me.  Prayers it all works out lol
I know it was mentioned in here previously but just want further clarification.  My SA just got in a pair of 2015 harness wyatts (nut suede) and sent me pictures.  The shaft definitely looks bigger than what was on my 2014 studded wyatts.  Does anyone know if d02 jeans would sit awkwardly on the boots with the increase seen in 2015?   Just worried that it will look off.  Curious on input before I head over there tonight to see in person.  Thanks in advance !
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