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Price is the factor in this case. I can accomplish the same thing at a discount (including the purchase price of a pack of razor blades).
I have the studded harness is suede so Id consider "customizing" this pair.
Copped the last pair available on these for $599 via Barney's.  Down from $1,495. Considering cutting off the harness and making them just into a side zip.  Thoughts?
Saw my emails earlier today when I was told early November ship dates..   Glad I found that TOJ on grailed lol
Definitely looks too long imo but you can make it work.
Damb bro. Contact JE about this.  The quilted villain, that I posted a few days ago which had the stitching become completely undone, was purchased through Atrium.  They offered me a refund but JE got in touch as well and advised me to reach to Brandi regarding this.  Despite not purchasing from them directly, Brandi and the awesome people at JE facilitated an exchange for me.  Since the quilted was no longer in stock, they upgraded me (price wise) to the regular villain...
Fools will continue to buy spots and place new orders. Get out while you can people.
Clearly tensions run high for anything posted in this thread. Hopefully jackets are received soon to quell your testosterone..
Nope. That's my ceiling.
Completely see what you mean.  However, sometimes it is useful to see the clothes actually being worn in real life. Rather than envisioning, fit pics bring the set up to actuality.
New Posts  All Forums: