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severely underwhelming but i suppose for the new JE oversized aesthetic it's good
Some great contributions here.  For those on the fence, I highly would recommend giving them a try and seeing for yourself.
Here's "The Knight's Move" square in action.  Recycled from the susu thread:  
I own a handful of squares from R.Culturi.  Previously, I found myself relying way too much on my trusty white linen but these have definitely helped boost some much needed color into my wardrobe.  The designs and story is what sold me.  Like Caustic, I receives a beautifully wrapped package full off some of the nicest silk squares I have handled to date.   I highly recommend checking them out.  Hoping to see more offerings from them in the future.
I do.
 Quite familiar with chains.  Choco had a pin though. You can clearly see the end of the metal pin in this screengrab: 
What's pictured there is most definitely a pin, not a chain.
Quite possibly could be the case.  I am content though.
Yesterday:     Suit Supply Conrad Wu RCulturi Suit Supply
Outlet DB for me today:  
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