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Herbs will buy.   I love my JE ish but at disco it was barely worth it.  Y'all WILDIN if you bout to cop those $298 hoodies.  But hey...if you got it like that, who am I to stop you .
Thank god for restocks.  
I think a small should fit the body fine but heavy layering might be a problem.   All depends on how you plan to wear it.
What's your normal chest size?
Hell yeah.  Definitely cop if your size is available y'all.
Over 6 ft, the length of a large should be great but I will definitely say it its a roomy jacket.   If you are really that skinny, perhaps you are better with a medium.
Busted out with the quickness.  
Latest pickup:     For those interested, the studded harness boots are actually 40% off right now.  Just call a store and have them stock locate for you.  I scored these for $890.  
Dec 31st....for some trousers
New Posts  All Forums: