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Clearly too small in the chest so I'd guess the 40L would suit you better.   As for larger in the trouser's waist, you do know that's a relatively simple job to take that in, correct?
Inquired !
This. C'mon now guy.
I believe a black whole cut on high shine is the best footwear choice. black cap works okay though.
..we would need to see the following collection before making that decision guy
Forgive my camera. Chalk stripe Napoli from the 2013 outlet sale:
 Not to nitpick at this but how can it not be translated over to all clothing?  To have it specified only for jackets/suiting is a bit of an odd idea to me.  The drape just refers to how the garment (any garment) lays against the wearer. Exactly man.  That's all I was highlighting.
hugs chest well but neck opening is awkwardly short and midsection frumps on you. I don't find it flattering. just one man's opinion.
not a very flattering drape imo
Shantung by Conrad Wu.  Unfortunately it is no longer available.
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