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Has anyone successfully let out the additional inseam length of the epaulet trousers?  Does it look okay, as I would need the full inch?
Hello,     I would like to get a nice suit.  My jacket size is 44L and my waist size 33-34.  Can anyone recommend any OTR brands?      I checked at one of the MTM makers (thick as thieves), and they don't really like going up to my size in the chest apparently.  I am by no means thin or athletic (I weigh about 192 or so), but I'm having a hard time finding things that fit.  I wouldn't really want to spend more than $2500, but if I had to, I guess I could.  I...
Does anyone have Leeds in dark burnished brown?  If so, I'd love to see pics.  If a PTB was offered in the cappucino, I would have been very interested.
  This jacket fits similarly to how BB fits me.  Is the button placement on this jacket too far above the waist, or is that just the style that this type of suit goes for?    
I like Epaulet trousers, but I wear a 34 inseam regularly, and I would like to try cuffs on my next pants.  Can anyone recommend brands with similar (not much fabric in the back) cuts, but longer inseams.
Because they had 2 blazers in 44L.  The other was also madison cut and a little cheaper ($548 before discount and nicer wool I guess:  super 130 vs super 120, though the 120 felt nicer to my hand), but something about it didn't look or feel as nice to me -- and it had more shoulder padding I thought.  I could order a slimmer cut I guess.  But from the pictures those don't seem to be in the same timeless blazer style.  The buttons aren't the same, and the lapels look...
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing my first blazer.  I picked out the Brook's Brothers Country Club blazer ($453 after 30% off -- madison fit), but I'm a little worried about the fit.  A 44L fits me perfect in the shoulder width (I wish it had less shoulder padding honestly), but I have a 33" waist, and it seems pretty baggy on me around the middle.  When the tailor cinched the back and waist with pins, it didn't hang that well on the front left.  She said its because my...
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