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    Hi,   Sorry about "tear". English isn't my first language so I couldn't find the right word to describe it. I checked the fabric on both sides and there is no hole. As you said, I believe it's just that the thread, supposed to be rolled on itself before being weaved with others, unweaved during the process. Well now I can wear my denim in peace   Well; thanks again !!   Urquhart
Hello guys,   since my post seems to have vanished in the void of etheral limbs, I'm posting again (Sorry if the other post ends up showing).   First, I'd like to thank you guys (especially Commodorewheeler ) for the help you brought me in my search of bulletproof denim. I went to New York last month (Cool trip even if I ended not so fond of the city) and had the time(one week is short in New York ) to go to Selfedge. I came back with an IronHeart denim (Beatle...
Hey !   Well, Thanks a lot !!   I had already visit Selfedge and Blue In Green Soho websites but I got a bit lost with all those brands/models ! Your list will help a lot . I will let you know what my final choice will be, but I have to admit the 21oz denim sounds good (and bulletproof xD )   Thanks again,   Urquhart
Hello guys !   So I hope I'm not doing wrong for my first message. (didn't find any "Presentation" forum)   I'm coming to New York (From Europe) for a week in February and I will be looking for a good denim.   What I'm looking for is a heavy denim (japanese I guess ? ) with a mid or high rise waist and straight leg.   It seems that some brands like Iron Heart and Samurai jeans have your favors, but as I can't see the products yet I thought you might...
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