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Hello all, I'll be visiting Las Vegas from 722-7/27 2008 for a business trip. I'd like to do some clothing shopping while there. I'd like to do some business clothing shopping, as well as "business casual" shopping. Lower on the priority list would be casual clothing. My suit size is generally a 50L US. Neck 19"-19"5. So, I'd like recommendations for some top clothiers that might stock things in my size. Of course, even if you don't think they might stock my size, I...
Hi All, Found out WW Chan is in the area, and at the last minute got squeezed in for a fitting. I need a good website with a ton of photos of suits and sportcoats so I can show Patrick Chu the style I am after. None of my books are available to me right now, in storage. Any links you can provide ASAP much appreciated! Thanks!
Dear Fellows, I have a WW Chan fitting next month and will soon start collecting some photos to bring to them to show what type of style I am looking for. I know that MANY of you bring photos in to your tailors for your bespoke suits. I wonder if you would please post some of your favorite such photos in this thread. Many Thanks, Ligament
Dear Fellows, None of the six Oxxford trousers I own are lined. Why is this? What is the argument against lining trousers? Regards.
I was very happy with the quality of the fabric. The fit was better than I expected for a first shirt. I need to make a few measurement adjustments and I'll place a larger order. Frankly, for $44 I am floored by the deal at Jantzen.
Dear Fellows, I wanted to give Ricky Ho at Jantzen Tailor some positive feedback regarding his production time. The below is for one test shirt I ordered. Shirt Order Submitted: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 Shirt Order Body Photos emailed: 9/7/04 in PM Shirt Put in Hong Kong Mail for delivery: 9/14/04 Shirt Arrived Midwest USA: 9/20/04 10/07/2004 Card transaction JANTZEN TAILOR $-43.39   So I had my shirt in my home 13 days after I had given Ricky all my information including...
Dear Fellows, Since some of us carry a pocket knife every day, I thought posting in this forum would be acceptable. My favorite every day carry pocket knife is a Scott Cook Lochsa, you can check it out here: It is a custom made knife at this point, the wait period is about 2 years. Do our non-American members carry a pocket knife? Here in the mid-west of America it is common. Best.
Dear Fellows, Should the shoulders of a dress shirt end *exactly* at the distal tip of the acromion (most lateral part of bony shoulder)? Or should there be some overhang, say 1/4" to 1/2"? Please post pics. Best Regards.
Dear Fellows, Where should the waistband on a pair of dress trousers lay in relation to the body? I tend to favor having them at or just above my umbilicus, generally known as the "natural waist." I have a long torso, short legs. I am 6 feet tall with a 30.25 inch inseam. I find that having the trousers at or just above my umbilicus makes my legs appear longer and torso shorter. I always wear my pleated trousers this way. At times, I wonder whether I should wear my...
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