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PM prices on all shoes available in 12D in either Burgandy or Merlot.  Thanks.
PM with pricing on anything available in Burgandy/Merlot in 12D.  Thanks.
  She's beautiful! I have a 7 year old male named Harold. He's the man!   I appreciate everyone's thoughts on the matter so far, I think I'm going to check out Brooks Brothers and go from there at this point. Need to get moving. Otherwise, I may just end up going to JAB again to manage until I can spend more again.  
Is that an Aussie in your avy btw?
Yeah, my shoulders are naturally broad.  My pops where's a 52 jacket, of course he does have a bit of a rotund mid section nowadays.  Nothing I can do about them, sucks for clothing purposes.   I live in Omaha right now and there's nothing that I've found as far as MTM.  I have a fantastic tailor, but she can only do so much most of the time.  And yes, it's suits only unfortunately.  I wish banks would go to business casual, I feel so freaking over dressed most of...
I'm not sure what's going on here, but I've tried to reply multiple times and it's saying "being held for moderation." So, I'm going to try to reply without quoting anyone and see if that works.   Anyways, as I had stated in the replies not yet seen, I'm a former college basketball player; as an athlete I trained to have a broad and strong upper body and a strong core, hence the large shoulders/chest and the smaller, proportionately, waist.  It is a 48US, and no,...
As I've stated, even though it took forever to get approved by moderation apparently, I'm a former college basketball player and I've got a large upper body and a small waist in relation.  It's just the way I'm built and it's even moreso after training, etc.  I'm just looking for some help folks!    Yes, I'm a US48, sorry I should've specified that!   Why would that be useful?  I'm not trolling, this is real.  Thanks for the sarcasm though.    
I played college basketball and my chest/shoulders are built and I still work out quite a bit and actually normally have a 34" waist, but ever since my son came around I've grown 2" yikes!  Many times people try to fit me into a 46R jacket, but because of my shoulders it isn't a possibility, hence the 48R and now a 12" drop.    I have browsed here and as I stated above I was going to go with TaT but was told not to so I'm asking who I should look at.     Unfortunately...
Hello,   New to the forum but have browsed for quite some time.  I'm getting ready re-establish my suit collection for work and I currently have Jos A Bank suit separates because:   1. I have a 12" drop 48R to 36W   and   2.  I took advantage of the 3 for 1 deal prior to finding this forum and realizing how crappy the quality is even though they're priced regularly just as high as others.  Stupid.   Anyways, I was originally thinking MTM and I really...
Why do you say that and what else would you recomend?  I liked what I saw in that thread, but I'm open for opinion.  With my 12" drop I have to go MTM/Bespoke pretty much or separates and separates typically have bland fabrics IMO.  Where I live, I don't have a bespoke option either so it's MTM most likely for me.  
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