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Well I just ordered the black Santoni cap toes I had pictured about via .  A black cap toe I think you guys would agree was necessary.  Let's say I need a solid brown shoe next.  Wing or Cap?  Suede or leather?  Also I'm really up in the air about what shade of brown and am not sure what would be the most versatile. The one I pictured above was made by To Boot New York which is an ok maker.  In fact the Blucher black...
I pretty much agree with this...  The black dress chukkas I like even if I end up wearing them less @ work and more other places.  The bluchers kinda the same thing although I have no attachment to them.
Ha!  Well since I feel I'm "sneaking" denim in to work I stick with dark wash straight / straight slims with minimal if any fading.  Then I tend to dress up the jeans via dress shirts / blazers / sweaters and hopefully intelligent shoe choices.  Honestly before this career path I worked in the music industry so I'm still educating myself on classic style / business style.
Lol, well list what you think the most important one is and then add a couple more suggestions on top of that.  3 seems to be a reasonable goal to achieve within a reasonable time period. 
^  The Wolverine boots are a nice suggestion thanks.  
  I'm looking for the key missing elements in this collection.  I rarely wear ties at work and can wear dark dress denim on most days that don't have important meetings.  I don't tend to wear loafers much hence the just ok Cole Haan loafers from a while back.  What do you guys think the best purchases I could make to round this out would be?  Some ideas I have are:   Black Cap Toe:   Brown Wingtips:   Engineer Boots:     FYI yes I will...
Express Mens is having a sale on their outerwear if you need something cheap and decent.  BB is a good place to check.  I'm a fan of Paul Smith / Varvatos / Ted Baker / Thomas Pink at the moment as well.  A lot of places are having end of winter sales so now is probably a good time to find a deal.
Oh, and my other bit of advice would be to look at the Ferragamo / John Lobb / Santoni / Church shoe websites for inspiration.  These tend to be on the expensive side but they do shoes right.  From there you can search for a similar but cheaper priced shoe.   Cheers.
Allen Edmonds Ferragamo Cole Haan Too Boot New York Santoni   Basically you're looking for a traditional black lace up...  Derby or Oxford.
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