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If your grey suit is solid go with a medium pinstripe.. or vice versus.  Light grey.
Has anyone had experience with Designer's Tailoring?  They get good yelp reviews.  For me it's either them or Ricardo's as SFran is a bit far / inconvenient to get to.
I'm a fan.  They can be a great way to dress up denim.  I'd agree that they don't work with watches all the time, or sweaters, or every jacket.   Today:  
Royce leather laptop messenger bag...   $110 via
Thomas Pink Super Slim fits might work:   Beware imo overly slim looks (jeans / shirts / ties / lapels).  It's a faddy look and won't be in style forever.  However a slim / trim / tailored look will always be in style.  
Looks to be a great site!  Bookmarked.
  The slim thing is overdone ^ but you get an idea of the color scheme I was talking about.  I'm not sure how well dark brown shoes would go with a medium / charcoal grey suit.
+1 AE FAve in Walnut would be incredibly versatile (suit / jeans).  Although I too still ponder brown shoes with a grey suit.  IMO it's best done when you toss some blue into the suit.  I snagged some great purchases @ Brookes Bros as their sale is great atm.   In terms of a tailor ask on here regarding your area or use
This is funny because I just ordered some hangers from here...  Yesterday lol.  
I actually hadn't considered suede before this but I could see the versatility of something like this:  
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