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Ignoring basic SF standards today by layering blacks.  Black pinstripe jacket / black shirt / black cap toes / dark wash jeans...  Lol, could have turned out worse.  
Looks good welcome to SF!
I'd steer you to trying on the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald cut as a good starting place.  I've been hearing really good things about made to measure Samuelsohn suits around here lately.  They will most likely be my next suit and it's ballpark your price range.  I'd also steer you to looking at suitsupply.com for some browsing.
Yeah, I think I like their white dial / blue hands and numbers look the most...  Thanks!
Parnis automatic watch...  The +'s being cheap with a clean look:       I got mine off ebay via searching for the white dial parnis' for sale.  Also have this one on order:     They also sell them here:  http://www.dajiwatch.com/
These are well reviewed and would make a good beater: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/49464?feat=506798-GN3&attrValue_0=Brown   There's also Frye boots: http://www.thefryecompany.com/mens-boots/bestsellers/ or Clarks.   I think any of these would fall into the beater category but would probably even look better with wear.  I currently have these on order: http://www.suitsupply.com/shop/8.FW071/SHOE   Good luck!
^^  Same shoe / different angles: also with me blocking or not blocking various amounts of natural light.   Edit:  Actually, I lied...  I have 2 right feet 
Just got my first AE's today thanks to SF lurking / advice:      
Grabbed a pair of Santoni Jensen's and a fun beater watch to go with some AE walnut Strand's / suede wingtips.  
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