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Deets on the quilted jacket?
For me I tend to save black for evening wear, black tie events, weddings, and funerals...  Not to say I never wear black to work I just find it to be a bit less versatile not to mention overused.  I'd recommend for a second shoe a medium to dark brown cap to like the park or 5th ave from Allen Edmonds or maybe a burgundy both with matching belt.  Both can be dressed up to a suit if needed.  
  Agreed, a lot of offices in CA are very casual. If the recommendations are too casual for the OP I will post some other suggestions.  Also OP here's a great thread for the more casual side of  the Men's Clothes forum that would be worth browsing for ideas: http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-mc-casual-style
Do people wear jeans in the office?  My guess is they do.  I'd recommend some nice straight legged dark wash jeans or some slim (not skinny) ones as well as some casual chino / trouser type pants - These are from Epaulet.  For jeans Naked and Famous and 3Sixteen are well made.       Since it's CA, you said you're not wearing a formal jacket / tie etc, I'd definitely steer you toward Button Down collared shirts.  They look great with sweaters or by themselves...
\   Many more looks but I like these...
Stay away from processed foods / sugars / fried foods and try to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water every day.   I have somewhat large facial pores along thick facial hair and sensitive skin which caused me tons of issues.  I tried pretty much every razor solution and couldn't get away from ingrown hairs...  Hell I can't get away from ingrown hairs to a much lesser degree now that I use an electric razor.  I found that using an electric razor, then...
Parfums De Nicolai: New York http://www.basenotes.net/ID26122067.html   You can get it @ luckyscent.com.  It's a great office day to day scent imo, has top notch staying power, and a great dry down.   For a nice bodywash check out Molton Brown's Black Pepper wash.
Shoe's are largely about context...  Night club you say?  Suit?  If it's nightclub oriented I'd steer you away from sporting $800 dress shoes and steer in a different direction.  Are you wanting to wear these also to an office?
You're just brushing up against internet cynicism atm...   Don't sweat it.  IMO these forums tend to be a bit more oriented to day to day wear and clothing quality.  Club wear tends to be more trendy, not generally as great a quality in terms of wear etc, and over priced.   Here's my general advice which may be a bit dated as a family man now ( 8 year streak as a DJ in San Fran / Producer / Audio Engineer ):   1)  Confidence / attitude is better than anything...
Boxer briefs are the best looking men's underwear, women find them attractive, and they fit much better under a suit than boxers.  They are also more comfortable imo than standard briefs.  TBH though I'm a commando guy myself...  But when I do wear underwear it's boxer briefs.
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