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  There's the fit compared to the wrist and the fit compared to full body.  I'm 6'0" 190lbs so even though I don't have huge wrists it still looks right.  I've made the mistake of buying a watch just on wrist fit before...  How it looks to to scale to your whole person is much more important imo.  It's also sticking out away from the wrist atm due to stiff leather straps.  40-44mm is my sweet spot in watches.   One of the other reasons I wanted a touch larger is it lends...
    Loving it so far thanks again.
Just arrived Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic 44mm:                  
Thank you for the feedback I have it ordered and will post some money / action shots when it arrives.
How versatile have you found the watch to be in terms of pairing with casual / business casual / suited outfits?
My current watch rotation is mostly a Seiko SNZH53, an Orient Black Mako, and an SNZJ5.         I'd been looking for more of a classic styled watch and while on the search ran across these watches: Junkers Bauhaus, Mido Baroncelli, and a Seiko SARB021     However I'm currently leaning towards a 44mm Hamilton Viewmatic with a black dial on a brown strap:       ATM my intention is a black dial on a brown strap as I think it's a very...
Chanel Egoiste today.
Here are some ideas     Navy and Burgundy Grenadine:   Repp Ties: Woven Untipped :   Navy with White Pin Dots: Check or Glen Plaid type: A Paisley for those tweeds and classic jackets:     Grey Cashmere: Madras:     Creams:   Pin Stripe Black Wool: Could also consider an Ancient Madder patterned tie or a knitted tie.  The colors you're looking at sound like they're worth looking at...  FYI I pulled...
Medium / Light grey suit, pale blue shirt... Maybe tweed or herringbone grey, navy blue or black tie etc.  Maybe some browns / creams in there.   Browsed for inspiration:  
    Carbon Fiber strap could be interesting, that black / red stripped NATO strap could be cool, or a sporty brown leather might work as well.
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