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Hairbond - Molder / Sculptor Gatsby - Spikey Edge or other moving rubber series   His hair looks blow dried back.  Your hair looks like product was used while the hair was still damp...  His looks like it was added once it was dried.  I'd say try towel drying, put your hair into the general shape, finish getting ready, and then add some product once it's mostly dry.  Consider finishing your hair with your fingers for a more natural look.
I'd recommend going with a trunk cut over the boxer brief - it's a bit more square in it's look vs the slightly longer leg of the b.brief.  I've been using these for working out / HIIT / Lifting and they're solid.:       Adidas 360 Trunk   Also, I think loose for out of shape and more fitting if you're cut isn't bad advice.  Also, if you're wearing slim / lightweight pants like dress trousers the last thing you want is underwear that's bunching / riding up.
1) Drink lots of water   2) Lessen carb intake - cut beer 100% - Drink Clear Tequila / 1 lime / soda water - Or Vodka on ice - Or Cognac neat if you're going to drink.  Cut or lower simple carbs / sugars ie, breads / pasta / soda   3) HIIT + Weights - The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is going to be.  Maybe do some light relaxing cardio activities on rest days for fun and to continue to train your body to burn fat.   4) Eat lean meats /...
Guerlain L'instant De Guerlain Extreme Dior Homme Dior Homme Intense Chanel Egoiste Parfums De Nicolai New York   All have great lasting power and are great scents.
Very nice :P   Slightly off topic I was looking at these Sperry's for weekend / casual use:
I have my eye on these:     Problem is I'm not sure who makes them, ID anyone.  I found them via the 2013 Ben Sherman Jazz Life blog and articles:   Also maybe something of the Suede Wingtip variety but I'm not sold on a make yet.
    Santoni...  I own the shoe above and it's been a solid shoe.  Got it off ebay for 250 ish I think a while back.
Baseball Jacket   Levis   Club Manaco   J.Crew     RLauren   RL Cords     J.Crew
  My feet are pretty much 9.5 inches on the dot with a close to exact D width.  I like my shoes to have about a thumbs length space from my toes to the inner tip of the shoe for swelling / comfort.  I purchased a 10 D of the AE's Strands which is the same last as the Fifth Ave I believe.  They fit fine and pretty much true to size.  I'd also steer you towards as people review the sizing on their site which can give you more info.
Some rules I follow:   Need at least a thumbs width between the tips of your toes to the tip of the shoe.  You also need enough width for your toes to fully splay when you are on your toes otherwise you are creating bad foot posture (this is especially true for athletic shoes).  For running shoes you can go 1-2 sizes larger than your measured foot due to the amount of swelling your feet will do over the length of a long run.  Boots tend to be a bit larger and are...
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