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I don't have any idea about any other restaurants in Vegas. We visited to Vegas for some official business meeting and we had been to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. It is really an awesome place and all facilities are superb.
Watched Agnipath last night. It's Bollywood movie and it is full of emotions, actions and many more things. It's really awesome.
I think quality of shampoos and conditioners depend upon the its brand. It can be suitable as per everyone's hair.  We cannot say which will suit on a particular type of hair.
There are certain charges which becomes applicable after a particular usage of credit card or debit car specifically on International level.
I enjoyed my previous work station a lot with work as well as colleges. For the current one, it became common thing for me to face such people (after a long period).
I think Vietnam is one of the best tourist place., it has many destinations which are really very attractive.
Is there any particular criteria which has to maintain while moving from US to UK? What all documents should carry?
I like Skiing, I have tried it so many times in India. It was really an amazing experience.
  I think even if you have some basic coding knowledge in micro-technology, then you could develop some mobile apps. As you said you have basic c++  knowledge, I don't think it's enough to start any side business. I think you should try some website development for clients e.g. Hotels, Travel companies, Showrooms, Banks etc.
I thought in Texas there might not available the good chefs.  We have visited to London and visited some hotels & restaurants over there, we were surprised that chefs over there really prepares awesome food.
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