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That's that internet search engine thing, right?
Nothing fancy today but a staple in my wardrobe.   Black Calf NST
Happy Cigar Wednesday    
The grain The grain, plain toe
agree.  I told myself that I would stop reading, but I clearly haven't. There aren't many models that interest me that I don't already have, except a few that aren't available and a small enough amount that it doens't really justify me spending the amount of time that I do following this thread, but it has just become a routine/habit over the past 2 years. Edit:  BTW, where can I get replacement laces for my Indy boots? [ Everything you think you will never tire of you...
Winter be damned and I'm thinking about Spring. I need some advice on the Pros and Cons of a lined -vs- unlined suede chukka? I'm leaning towards the lined. ( my feet get kinda sweaty) Any thoughts?
Haha, if only you knew how far above my head I married, 27 years ago.
First wear of the Christmas Gifts from my wife   Canali, Cashmere OTC, King PTB  
Wife's Christmas present to me. I asked to see them early to check for defects, then back in the box before commencing with the Mac Method on Christmas Day (rumor has it there are some Cashmere OTC under the tree as well but only time will tell )  
Mine, too. Just got a pair of black calf NST 11D in Barrie and a PTB #8 Shell 11D Barrie and the NST Is noticeably larger. I could have probably gone 10.5
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