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  A lot of the vintage ones come in smaller sizes, and the quality is generally better than what most makers use today.  See this thread:   www.styleforum.net/t/218492/cashmere-sweater-hierarchy/   Actually someone reported in that post that the Ralph Lauren ones are made by Erdos.  If so then that should be good quality.
I would not go for that.  Good cashmere comes from Mongolia, so why get one with "Italian yarn" that's then shipped back to China to be "made"?  You're better off getting a vintage cashmere sweater from one of the major Scottish makers, or a new one from Johntston's of Elgin or one of the other few remaining Scottish cashmere weavers, or a new one from one of the major Chinese makers like Snow Lotus or Erdos (quality as good as any of the Scottish or Italian ones, as...
Thanks for resurrecting this thread.  I have this problem exactly, and my feet are narrow overall as well (US size ~10C). Normally I have a choice between my toes pinching or my heels slipping.   Alden's Hampton last, which is one of their narrowest, work for me in 10 A/C but with a partial insole as described below.   It is very difficult to find English shoes that fit.  Church's last 6184/C (width fitting C) fit me well in 9 1/2.  Beyond that, I have had better...
  The shirt is really too green for me, and clashes with the greenish-gray base color of the jacket.  It is a cool jacket, but I thin you will have a hard time matching it with many bright colors.  I that colors around the orange range would work, but not not really bright ones.  Maybe a golden orange like  saffron or amber, or a darker orange-red like rust or cinnamon.
Get saddle soap from a brand like Fiebings.  Brush off surface dirt as much as possible, then scrub with a lightly damp cloth + saddle soap.  Old t-shirts work well for the cloth.  You can start with modest amounts of the soap and water and then apply more as needed.  It should be damp enough to foam up a bit, but not soaking wet.  Scrubbing will not remove dye from the leather but will remove old polish and grime.  A brush is also helpful here to get into seams.  Let...
Inspired by this thread, I'm going to take my daughter down to Pastoral today and get a selection of nice cheeses.  So many good choices...   They have the Ossau-Iraty and Pleasant Ridge Reserve, so we'll give those a try based on the recommendations here since we like those styles of cheese. They also have Sar Vecchio, and we could use some parmigiano (style) cheese, but I didn't know that there was any good US production of this type of cheese.  Is the Sar...
Nonetheless, Kerrygold makes good cheese.  To my mind it is the best of the large commercial cheesemakers.  Relatively inexpensive, and it lasts a long time, so we usually have some of their aged cheddar around the house for when we run out of fresh cheese.
There is a Land's End outlet store very close to me that sells overstocks, discontinued items, and returns at excellent prices, so I used to get a lot of basic shirts, turtlenecks, and chinos there.  The quality plummeted on most items after LE was bought by Sears a few years ago.  I don't buy their stuff anymore.
Who is the maker on these?  Hard to tell with Paul Stuart if they're just solid shoes or great shoes.
  Hi, if anyone got these, and they don't fit or you just don't like them, then please PM me about a possible flip (sale or trade).   Thanks!
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