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Here's an information request for the forum.  It would be useful to compile updated information on good options for nice-looking shoes, say suitable to wear with a sportcoat and tie, that can survive moderately bad weather (rain, puddles, ice, etc.)   I had a decent-looking pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Studio shoes with a vibram sole for this purpose, but they completely came apart after six months.  As in, the toebox literally separated from the sole, and I had to...
Isaia tie $30 BIN http://www.ebay.com/itm/ISAIA-Napoli-Black-Grey-Tie-/330824622807
  To get a sense of what color combos you like, you should follow the suggestion to browse WAYWRN and other threads here -- you will find lots of great combos in many different individual styles.   For the tie purchase, IMHO the only place to get good ties for <$50 is ebay or occasionally at places like Marshals, Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th etc.  If you only need a couple of ties and know specifically what you want then I'd step up a bit in price and buy from Sam Hober, who...
  The difference is quite noticeable in the photos, but of course you have focused the images specifically on the shoes.  I think it would probably be noticeable in person -- certainly so to SF-types; not as much to casual passers-by.  Whether this bothers you is a completely different question.
  These look great -- I just ordered a set.  Thanks for the tip!
  The differential in creasing between the two shoes looks very odd.  Unless your feet are very different sizes, I wonder if the left shoe is defective.
  That is not normally the reaction I get.  Tasteful PS's just accentuate an outfit without standing out.  If you go for some huge poof or octopus looking thing then I'd imagine you could get that reaction.  An understated linen square or color accent normally comes across well, I think, and I have only received positive comments about this.
The PS is the one item likely to stand out -- there are only 2-3 other people (besides me) that wear them at my school in natural sciences / engineering.  At most conferences I attend, I'm the only one wearing a PS.  Of course it is often valuable to stand out and be memorable in academia, especially when you have the capability to back up the extra attention.  Personally I would wear a tasteful but rich colored pocket square to provide some color contrast and a secondary...
Thank you for the advice, this is very helpful.  It is very difficult to evaluate equivalent width sizing on English shoes since all the makers seem to use a different system.  Is there a good summary anywhere on current width fittings for all of the major makers?   And I am indeed between a 10B and 10C, depending on the last.  10B fits better in the heel, but often squeezes my small toes and sometimes across the instep as well.  10C normally fits better in the forepart...
  Not really an issue.  Most people won't notice your shoes at all, and no one is going to be offended by their color.
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