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You can also get a button fob that is intended to be inserted through the buttonhole. e.g., However, my understanding is that these were worn inside the jacket, so that button would be inserted into a buttonhole on your vest or jacket. To put it into your lapel would be impractical, therefore only for show in a very odd way. Like wearing a wristwatch on the outside of...
How do the Meermin (Classic and Linea Maestro) compare in terms of quality?
Historically inaccurate. Flashy. Tacky. You should go with the traditional look that Holdfast suggested.
With the deal flyer that just came out (AYF7768Y), most of the regular Johnstons cashmere sweaters are currently $172 at sierratradingpost, with 99 cent shipping. I don't think you can find a better price than that on good-quality cashmere. Each deal flyer only applies for a few days though.
Looks like a fedora with the brim turned up
Really like the socks with that. Nice bit of color.
Second on the rec for Johnston's of Elgin from STP.  Sign up for their email dealflyer.  During the best sales (4-5 times/year), the regular Johnston's cashmere sweaters can be had for ~$160.  Far better quality than you will find at most stores in the US.
Yes, you are over-thinking. Wear what will make you feel confident, as long as it's not too outrageous. The shoes are good.
The only time university students wear suits is when they have job interviews. Do you want to look like you have a job interview every day?
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