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Johnston's is a good cashmere maker. That's top-end cashmere to me. Brooks Brothers isn't a fabric maker so it's hard to evaluate exactly what you have there. Most likely Johnston's is better, but, again, hard to say without a side-by-side comparison.
 Nope, no Grenson "Masterpiece" any longer.  They have rebranded all of their stuff, and decreased the quality of a lot of it through outsourcing production.  There are a few SF threads on this, for example:
My understanding is that Grenson still produces shoes for Paul Stuart to Masterpiece standards.  I have both the Grenson for PS and C&J for Brooks Brothers/Peal, and the PS Grenson's are at least as good as the Peal C&J's.  However, I cannot confirm that this is going to be the case for the particular boots being discussed here.
Quality of Grenson Masterpiece for PS is normally excellent. I haven't handled those particular boots though.
Can you guys clarify the fit of these a bit further? I am usually a U.S. 10 C or 10 1/2 B. Could these boots possibly fit in the UK 9? Mainly it would be a matter of the boots being long enough and the heel being tight enough. I have high arches so can fill the mid-sole space with an insert.For reference, here are examples of shoes that fit me:Cheaney 9.5D UK A3485 lastAlden 598 10.5 AA/B modified lastAlden 905 10 A/C Hampton lastGrenson Masterpiece / Stuart's Choice...
[quote name="Tyrone MacStiophain" Truzzi's a thang? I just passed on one in my size, bc I don't really NEED another blue dress shirt ...[/quote] Yep, nice shirts. One of my favorites. Far better than the Gitman. MOP buttons, nice fabrics, handwork etc.
I think a tweed cap would do well -- that is traditional material for English weather. My first choice would be a Hanna Hat in Donegal tweed. These are made by a small company in Ireland. They used to sell direct through ebay, but I'm not sure they still do. In any case, I think you can find them through several on-line sources, or order through their website directly. I wear one of these around half of the time in the fall and winter in Chicago,...
Hard for me to tell without seeing photos of the sole and/or interior markings. Poulsen Skone used various makers. Should be good quality in any case.
Poulsen Skone / Dunhill brown stitchcaps in size 10 1/2 with good BIN and offers accepted: Most likely made by Grenson, Masterpiece quality.
Patience. Look for the major makers that tend to produce a lot of tweed jackets...not all of them do. Browse back through the thread and find makers that you like, and then search for them on eBay. I have had good luck with Paul Stuart made by Samuelsohn...they use some nice Scottish fabrics, and PRL/Corneliani, and Zegna. You can also try international searches to get the British and Irish makers. But be aware that tweeds are traditional and often come in older-style...
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