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For comfort, the most important thing is a good-quality leather footbed with perforations for ventilation. Beyond that, it is a matter of the type of support you need. In particular, you should figure out how high your arches are, and where you need both space and support in your shoes. If you do need some degree of arch support, 3/4 leather insoles from Pedag or Tacco are a good place to start. Full insoles from those makers or from Ecco are good too, if you have...
Big shout-out to englade321 for hooking me up with these sweet shells. They cleaned up really well. Here they are in the wild (x-post rock your socks thread)
Here are a couple from last week AS, Pantherella argyles, Incotex To Boot (surprisingly good ones), Pantherella argyles, Bills Please excuse crappy cellphone pics.
Thanks Cleav! They are a really interesting vintage shell.
Vintage Keith Highlander shell PTBs courtesy of englade321, Pantherella tweed socks, and Bills Khakis
Pantherella from Sierra Trading Post. Very good deals if you sign up for their e-coupons. Also good socks come through B&S here fairly often.
Johnston's is a good cashmere maker. That's top-end cashmere to me. Brooks Brothers isn't a fabric maker so it's hard to evaluate exactly what you have there. Most likely Johnston's is better, but, again, hard to say without a side-by-side comparison.
 Nope, no Grenson "Masterpiece" any longer.  They have rebranded all of their stuff, and decreased the quality of a lot of it through outsourcing production.  There are a few SF threads on this, for example:http://www.styleforum.net/t/227731/quality-of-grenson-shoes/http://www.styleforum.net/t/346302/grenson-shoes/
My understanding is that Grenson still produces shoes for Paul Stuart to Masterpiece standards.  I have both the Grenson for PS and C&J for Brooks Brothers/Peal, and the PS Grenson's are at least as good as the Peal C&J's.  However, I cannot confirm that this is going to be the case for the particular boots being discussed here.
Quality of Grenson Masterpiece for PS is normally excellent. I haven't handled those particular boots though.
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