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I still have the cold too Nice to meet you too! Hope you had fun!
Here are some pictures of the party! > Windrush Special - 5th Anniversary dance
This is my friend Jan and her friends. These pictures have already been shared but just to show the hair. As you can see, they are older than the average back then. They did not wear a bun, they wore it plaited and tucked under but the hair is pulled back and they have strands of hair to the sides. Jan did consider herself a skinhead though, mainly because she had never heard of anything else (I remember when I told her about suedeheads haha!). She was a mod before.And...
Thanks, glad you like them! And thanks to the original skinheads who have shared them with us!
Do you mean something like this? (Again me and my collages lol) Pics courtesy of Dave, Bob and Steve.The girls on the top right picture have (I think) only half of their hair pulled back and tied. If you watch Reggae Britannia there is another girl with a similar hairstyle but her hair is straight and she is a lot younger. She is wearing a sheepskin coat.
Yes, I reckon I have only seen mohair dresses in pictures from 1970, 1971 and 1972. However, I do not know what year Tony's sister's pictures are from as he did not say. He did say that that mohair dress in particular was the first their tailor was asked for and that they would do anything to be a bit different (he told me some things lol) but 6 weeks later everybody would do the same as usual.Now that you mention buns, I wear my hair in a ponytail or in a bun, a big...
 The thing is that the pics were tiny as he had scanned them but not cut them (if that makes sense?), that's why I made the collage to make them bigger and they are a bit pixelated. I asked Tony if he could send them to me in a bigger format but he says he is not technical enough because computers were a distant dream in those days hahaha! I will ask him again though and I will ask him about reproducing the pictures too!
Yes, it is a mohair tonic jacket with short sleeves, not seen these days but they were definitely worn back then. Here is another example taken from the movie Please Sir from 1971. You can also see the girls with the mohair dresses and top pocket hanky.   I know a few original skinhead girls but they were not the same age and they lived in different cities. It's cool to talk with them because they all had different ways of dressing and hairstyles and I always get good tips...
Yesterday an original skinhead called Tony shared some pics of his late sister Jean (R.I.P.) with me and I made a little collage. What impressed me was the tie the girl was wearing in the pic in the middle. I asked Tony and he said that a lot of girls (he's from London) would finish their look with a tie and the well known top pocket hanky. Did any of you guys see girls wearing ties? I had never seen that look before.  
Thanks :) I do read the thread but I don't post lol. Will start posting more!
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