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I got an e-mail yesterday from Ralph Lauren for 25% off online and in store from March 30 to April 6 for their "Giving in Style" promotion (fight against cancer). The online code RLGIVE2012 and if anyone wants to go in store and needs an e-mail printout, let me know, I can forward it to you.   I think this applies to everything. RL did something similar last year for the Japan Relief cause.
Thanks for the help everyone, I will be sending them back. I'll keep you updated on how me AE adventures go..
Today I got my new Allen Edmonds shoes in the mail. 1 pair of Park Avenue and 1 pair of McAllister in walnut. The McAllister's looked fine on opening, but I noticed the Park Avenue's had a vertical crease on one shoe (like it had been pressed onto a sharp edge for a period of time) and a horizontal crease on the other. Are my new AE's defective or am I being OCD? I've attached some photos, but they look more noticeable in person..   Left photo is the horizontal...
New Posts  All Forums: