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What are you, twelve years old?   I don't wear the shoes in question, but I do own a couple pairs of 574's and often wear them with denim, so do thousands of other people.   Please, stop acting like kids, and stop trying to defend a complete tool.   What he said, was useless and above all else, unnecessarily snide. He asked for the response he got, and he spammed my private messages relentlessly afterwards because he was so very upset about being told so.   Is this where...
Leg opening is too small for your disproportionate body type.   You are very top heavy with scrawny calves. Jeans with too much taper exaggerate this.
    Right on George, definitely a better idea. 
Hey George, I bought a pair of the boat shoes in Navy cxl a few months ago, and they are by far my favorite pair of shoes to wear in terms of comfort here in the hk heat and humidity and they fit like a glove but I did have a small issue almost immediately.   During the first few days of wear, the small leather patch you adhered to the sole unit flaked off my left foot, about a week later, the second one peeled enough to flap off. I could have glued it back but I had...
Nice nn.   Are those Visvim chinos? or is it denim?  
Yeah I get what you guys are saying.    
I didn't know that you were here to critique my figure.   I thought it was just the clothes, and if you think the shirt is ill fitting you may want to use the more detailed view. It does hug slightly at the bottom of the shirt, but the fit is pretty much spot on when I am not holding my arm above my head while twisting my torso sideways awkwardly.   Again, a bit new to this, so I just took a quick shot before heading out.   I don't mind the critique, but...
I am just posting what I am wearing today.   I am not trying to create a glamour shot, just a quick shot of what I had on today.    The shirt fits perfectly actually, but the angle here in this shot is a bit off as I am just experimenting with the mirror in the hallway and was a little contorted with trying to play with the camera angles.    I think I worse Oakstreets that day with that outfit, just their Boatshoes in Navy.
New Posts  All Forums: