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To give you a little background on the striped Cardigans, they were called Connies and were made by a greek tailor in Melbourne called Mr Conte. They were made to order and each individual gang had their own specific colours. If you want to read up on Sharpies (as these lads were called rather than skinheads, although skins did wear connies here too as well) take a look at my mate Tadhg Taylor's book, "Top Fellas" which is the definitive book on Aussie mod, skinhead and...
Will do mate. Looks like I am gonna have to settle for some of this dodgy tonik off evilbay. At least it is cheap... What other stuff do you think would be worth getting made?? I actually did a good whack of a Tailors apprenticeship when I was in my teens (too fucking stupid to see the bloody thing through, could've really turned that opportunity into something beautiful).   I am going to see if I can spend some time training with anyone who will give me a shot...
On a different note. I fly out to Bangkok in a couple of days.  Does anyone know of the best place to get hold of some decent tonik or sharkskin lengths?? There is a seller on ebay that is selling what he calls tonik but it is polyester/wool/mohair rather than the original blend.   Also, I'll report back on prices and quality etc and if anyone wants to take a punt and have me get the beginnings of a suit made for them I will do it for the price of a bew beers (which...
Easy mate, let's get into politics...  
Must admit I quite like the MR shirts. You cannae have a collar too big for mine... Would be nice if they were a wee bit cheaper although postage is free after the first item which helps. I've managed to save up a couple of grand for my trip to thailand so hopefully I'll be able to turn that into a good few suits and mebbe a half decent crombie. Anyone know where I can get hold of decent tonik and sharkskin material over the intermeweb??
For me it was discovering my older brothers record collection when I was around 8 or 9. He had lots of rockers era reggae and funk and that stuff just blew my mind. I remember the first time I heard a King Tubby dub and I don't think I ever looked at the world the same again.  
I agree on the suit mate, hangs like it should. Was it a distance job or did you have a couple of fittings?? I've found a great tailor here in Melbourne that a mate put me onto, just gotta find some nice material.  
Actually it wasn't made by the ABC (that's where I saw it) it was made by either his son or nephew. If you get a chance take a look, absolutely amazing story.
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