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Some cloth from Huddersfield. Bronze, a light grey olive green that's not at all olive on this photo, some sage green nailhead below and at the top H&S's nimbus slate blue (cotton/cashmere). The nimbus slate blue is cool, a mix between stone and blue. It will probably be turned into a DB coat with a waistcoat since I have a pair of H&S cotton pants that a) shrunk a lot and b) lost even more colour.
That's a US navy officer bridge coat. I have one just like it, surprisingly in 38L, too I had the sleeves shortened a little bit and the zip for the lining taken out. Who cares if they're aggressive -- they're warm.
More pics of this? Selling it?
I'd return the Borrelli. Button's way too high and the waist too small. The Isaia is a lightweight cloth?
Vass boots with suede uppers. Bought them in early 2013.
I have an 80 % polyester, 20 % cotton shirt. Doesn't shrink. Doesn't wrinkle easily, but when it does, the wrinkles are hard to iron out.
Wouldn't wear that tie myself FWIW. With any outfit.
only partly, if at all.
There's also Oliver Sinz in Mitte. No experience but seems to like Tweed from his homepage.
Great, thanks!
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