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Hello guys,   I just moved to Berlin and I'm looking for recommendations for a dry cleaner. I hope someone in here knows someone who does a good job with suits.   Thanks.
I'll visit Budapest in May and I'll looking for a few things to buy. Are there any good shops for accessories, ties, socks and such in Budapest?   Did a search but only the shoe shops turned up (already planning to visit Vass).   Thanks
I'd have the pants made slightly thinner.
I don't know if my arms are too long but I'm thin and I have really long legs.   I'm trying to come up with a list of things I want to change compared to the first suit. What I have is   Slightly narrower shoulders and maybe a bit smaller around the chest? Better sleeve length. Longer jacket.   Any other suggestions? I might visit them next week.
Yes, the legs on the brown suit are a bit narrower, 20 cm across vs. 22 cm for the blue suit. I found the legs to flap around a bit with the blue suit. Would you say I should go with a 3 button suit?
Somewhere between München and Salzburg. Budget might be 1 K or so. Any recommendations for Germany?
Agree with #1 being a bit too short. I think the length of #2 is good. I really have very long legs so at least it's honest. I also think the 2 buttons on #2 don't work. Companies were Mangas München for #1 and Fiero Salzburg for #2. Yes, I'll try to take care of the sleeves again. What should I do about the lapels of #2? Would moving the button down help? Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
Hi all   I first posted this in The Tailors' Thread: Fit Feedback and Alteration Suggestions but unfortunately, no answers so far. (If you think I should wait some more, let me know and I'll delete this thread.)   I have two suits made by different MTM outfits and want to order new suits and I'm looking for suggestions what could be improved.   [[SPOILER]]     Thank you for your input. Oh, and sorry for the absence of shoes, tie and the odd colour of my head.
I have a pair of Loake 1880 Buckingham. Well made, though I think the last is rather slim. I also find Loake's shoes to be very stiff but they tend to get softer after half an hour of wearing.
Surprised nobody has mentioned provolone. Also, these guys make a really good chèvre (German/French border).
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