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There's also Oliver Sinz in Mitte. No experience but seems to like Tweed from his homepage.
Great, thanks!
Thanks. I will succeed.
Nah, too bright and the width of the stripes isn't even close.
I wasn't very serious.
Blue base with what else?Also, talking me out of it -- says somebody with an avatar where somebody is wearing almost the same thing.
Over the week or on the weekends?
I wear a yellow shirt with a yellow tie. Your arguments are invalid.
I signed up for an account, I hope that's what you mean.Thanks. It seems they don't have anything like that right now but the custom ordering sounds interesting.Would anybody else also be interested in buying some meters of a fabric similar to this? I would also go with different colors, let's say olive green and grey.
boot challenge. colourful shirts. unusual colours (gold, salmon, bronze, terracotta, turquoise for example).
New Posts  All Forums: