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What's wrong with wearing a suit in the rain? Happened to me on one occasion in 2012. Still have that suit. As a matter of fact, wearing it for a holiday just now. Just let it dry very gently and press it carefully.
I doubt any shirt sleeves will shrink an inch. The length doesn't hurt or does it?
How much too long are the arms? I got mine made 2 cm longer than the original length for years because they would shrink.
Rococo clothes are underrated.
Ah, sorry. I may be blind. Erdinger gets my approval so
Drinking Paulaner?
Looks like it, yeah. Thank you, you rock.
Anybody knows what sunglasses Bam is wearing here? (It's from Bam's world domination something). Thanks.
Details on the tie? orange.
Details, please Shen?
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