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Slim pants, here we go again.
I think they make the neck look longer so I wouldn't wear it if I had a long neck (which I personally do ).
The man with my face, 1951. The interrupted journey, 1949. I've watched a ton of movies from the 40s to the 50s and most of them had great suits.
Didn't happen to me and I was pretty much soaked.
What's wrong with wearing a suit in the rain? Happened to me on one occasion in 2012. Still have that suit. As a matter of fact, wearing it for a holiday just now. Just let it dry very gently and press it carefully.
I doubt any shirt sleeves will shrink an inch. The length doesn't hurt or does it?
How much too long are the arms? I got mine made 2 cm longer than the original length for years because they would shrink.
Rococo clothes are underrated.
Ah, sorry. I may be blind. Erdinger gets my approval so
Drinking Paulaner?
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