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Tomato red, Salmon and of course petrol.I'll probably place an order for your Golden Glow one, too.
1870 m in 08:12, same time as yesterday. May run earlier tomorrow which may help due to warmer air.
1870 m in 08:21. I'm losing what little muscles I had last year due to only running three times a week.
This could be good if we insist the photo must be taken on the streets.
1870 m in 08:13. The air is getting nice and warm.
That thing is even more crazy than my camouflage overcoat. Looks like I need to step up my game.
1870 m in 08:15. According to my Forerunner, my hearbeat was 25 on average lower than yesterday which is a bit weird.
08:10 today. Got a Garmin Forerunner 235 HR which helps a lot, the data is really useful.
The usual 1870 m in 08:15. Pretty happy with the time.
That poses the question which suit's value will go to zero first.
New Posts  All Forums: