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More! Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Some more cloth I bought. I'm a really big fan of red-and-blue ginghams. The camo cloth will also be turned into shirts. Depending on the perceived gag factor from your replies, I may even get one with a contrast collar. Source for all of them was tessin.it.
This is what they said:
48 yards of Madras from these guys. Will be turned into shirts sooner or later this year.
Does anybody know the source of Labelking's patterned shirt fabrics?
Thanks Superfudge, that's really close. In the process of ordering it.
@Tim yeah I was eying that Vanda tie, too. Different texture though.   @mensimageconsultant thanks, that's pretty close colour-wise. I'm thinking the original tie is a knit tie?
Found this one on the nordic fit's site a while ago. Like the colour. He said it was from Brooks Brothers but they don't seem to be doing them anymore. Any ideas who makes a tie like this now? Thanks
I bought this Navy Mac from APC when they had their 50 % off sale in January 2013 for 228 €. Problem is it's a bit too small for me.   I'd love to trade it for another APC Navy Mac in M or even L. It's also for sale but I'd prefer to trade it. Measurements Sleeves 66 cm ~ 23 in Pit-to-pit 100 cm ~ 40 in Back length 96,5 cm ~ 38 in     I'm 1,86 m so you should be a little smaller than me, maybe 1,82-1,84 m. Condition It's seen a bit of use so there are some...
Hello guys,   I just moved to Berlin and I'm looking for recommendations for a dry cleaner. I hope someone in here knows someone who does a good job with suits.   Thanks.
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