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1870 m in 08:13 today.
One mile.
It's also good to run where (almost) nobody else runs so you'll always be #1.
I always run the same track because I like it for some reason. Here's my fastest run so far. As you can see it's not something you find very often and not something many people run on.
The usual track in 08:33. Some rain, some fog. Didn't feel like running too quickly but the time isn't bad.
1870 m in crappy 08:44 due to rain. The start was damn good and the run felt good, too.
1870 m in 08:18. Slower than yesterday and I felt a loss of what little muscle I have.
Did the usual 1870 m in 08:07 yesterday. Damn good time considering I didn't run that track for half a month.
Ran a couple of kms in my shitty 12 € shoes. Not a bad feeling to know that winter is finally over.
I'm on holidays without running shoes and I bought some ultra-cheap no-name shoes for 12 € the pair (half as a joke). After two runs I don't recommend ever doing this.
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