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1870 m, the usual track. Ran a new record at 08:04. Fuck yeah.
Yes, if you wash them.
The usual 1870 m in 08:17. The air is getting colder and colder.
Amazing challenge, so many good entries.
Ran in daylight today so I could film my run with my new GoPro (useless at night). Ran a new record, too, at 08:07.
08:11, went out to run because the internet was so boring today.
Greatcoat challenge (weighing 2 kg or more, must post pics of overcoat on a scale).Suit + alcoholic beverage challenge.Monochrome challenge.No greys and dark blues allowed challenge.
Suit jackets, too.
Just came back, time 08:13. The usual 1870 m. The air is really cold where I live now. Anybody else running in the dark BTW?
The outfit. And I suspected you had started with the shirt.
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