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About 3 km (in ~12:30) followed by 2,5 km back. I'll do a 6 km run next week's Sunday. Since this is a new distance for me that I'm not very comfortable with, yesterday didn't go so well. Today went much better. I'll probably be able to run it all tomorrow. The track is mostly asphalt which I don't like at all (my other track is a small forest path).
Yes, exactly.
Water alone doesn't do anything for me.HEED doesn't have Glucose or Fructose in it but Gatorade does.Oh, and I ran the same 1870 m. Again.
Yes, that's about the price level you can use quality cloth at the MTM companies I know of (at least in Germany). However, with MTM, the first suit will probably not be optimal due to the personnel being more sales than tailors.What I should have done years ago with MTM (and you should do, too) is to order a) just a jacket from b) the cheapest cloth they have to have something as a basis. Once you have that basis, figure out what needs to be changed and then order a suit...
Wanted to ask what are you drinking when you're running? I'm a fan of Hammer HEED.
I'm always running the same forest path and I stop at a certain point where I can exit the trail well hence the 1870 m.
MTM at that price probably means lesser cloths, right?
The usual 1870 m, in 08:36.
How did you end up with a black suit? My suggestion would be Navy blue "Heavyweight" wool (around 400 g/m²) Having a three-piece is good for winter, yes. Double-breasted if you trust your tailor a lot. Note that due to the weight of the wool, this suit will be unwearable above 20 ° C or so. However, the maintenance will be practically none aside from brushing and the occasional pressing of the trousers. If you are bit more adventurous, dark brown or mahogany in...
I have an overcoat that's being made up right now but it's neither classic nor very warm.
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