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1870 m in 08:21. I'm losing what little muscles I had last year due to only running three times a week.
This could be good if we insist the photo must be taken on the streets.
1870 m in 08:13. The air is getting nice and warm.
That thing is even more crazy than my camouflage overcoat. Looks like I need to step up my game.
1870 m in 08:15. According to my Forerunner, my hearbeat was 25 on average lower than yesterday which is a bit weird.
08:10 today. Got a Garmin Forerunner 235 HR which helps a lot, the data is really useful.
The usual 1870 m in 08:15. Pretty happy with the time.
That poses the question which suit's value will go to zero first.
But with enough money, you could probably get the fabric remade.
Heavyweight cotton (370-400 g) is pretty cool for cotton. That is all.
New Posts  All Forums: