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Do you work in a laboratory? Do you live in the tropics?
I was going to say, If you want a bicolor grenadine, check out Vanda's navy/forest green grenadine. But then I checked their website and it's no longer there. Makes me think what I'll do when the one I have wears out. Anyway, I also have the Brown-Navy Grenadine tie and, while it's brighter, it's also very cool. Of course, Vanda makes more grenadines.
Bad hangers though?
Or a Schladminger Loden suit.
I guess I use a broad focus pattern or so.
Jacket: Saxby (first order) Tie: Vanda (navy/forest green) Shirt: Light green/white microdots. Matching waistcoat is at the alterations tailor.
I'm in. That is, once daylight returns.
Killer lining. Overall, not so much though.
I have a SB suit from a 400 g Holland & Sherry navy serge. I think at your weight, I wouldn't use it for an overcoat.
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