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The H&S's nimbus slate blue has now been turned into something wearable.Please forgive the air tie, I only had a few minutes.
This may be slightly off in here since it's not unfunded anymore. Dollar bill suit with matching hat. Source: Trash To Cash.
Cotton wrinkles if you use it. Linen wrinkles if you look at it. Linen stays off your skin better when it's hot. Cotton is hydrophilic, meaning it soaks up liquid (sweat, rain) and doesn't release it quickly. Not sure about linen. Neither fabric is great at retaining colour in the long run IMHO. Cotton/linen mixes are cool because of their rough, coarse surface. I've just started to think why I bother ironing my linen shirts.
Morning coat. "Cut" in German. Love the lining around the borders.
There is coarse Tweed (Islay), finer Tweed (Bateman Ogden Glenhunt, of which I have two Jackets in the works) and Tweed from worsted wool (I have a suit from Holland & Sherry of such a fabric).
/\ Looks like the wool has discolored a bit? Which brings me to the question if wool can be re-dyed (I have a black coat that's also not so black anymore).
I don't think that exists. I use cloth in the 400 g/m² range for three seasons and 250 g/m² in the summer.
Why? There is nothing wrong with Sandwiches...
Knit ties.
I like their cotton plaid ties (I own one a little like this) and I think the knit ties are very useable, too. I think they get less respect here than they deserve -- they have incredible amounts of patterns in dozens of colours each so it's cheap to figure out what styles suit you and then still find more similar ties.
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