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The usual 1870 m. The track is still (sort of) blocked.
How much is that in g per m/1,5 m BTW?
1870 m yesterday and today but a wooden bridge on the track has been half destroyed by a falling tree so no time.
I wouldn't say that. I already have two shirts from their cloth and the colours don't bleed, there is little shrinkage and only a little bit of pilling. I think for the price, their fabrics are fantastic.
1870 m in 08:49 because it was raining pretty badly.
1870 m in 08:42 but I had been on the mountain next door (1400 ish m) before so most of the juice was gone, it seems.
Tomato red, Salmon and of course petrol.I'll probably place an order for your Golden Glow one, too.
1870 m in 08:12, same time as yesterday. May run earlier tomorrow which may help due to warmer air.
1870 m in 08:21. I'm losing what little muscles I had last year due to only running three times a week.
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