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I did ~36 km last week and it was brutal on my feet but good for my legs.
A little bit over 9 km at -1,5 ° C and some stupid wind+snow in the beginning.
Another 8,75 to 9 km with some stupid wind+snow. Temperature -1,5 ° C.
~9 km yesterday.
About 9,5 km, temperature around -4 ° C. Not a lot of running due to 15 cm or so of new, very soft snow. Time 1:11:29 but picked up rail tickets for tomorrow so time doesn't work. Cost me 812 kcal according to Garmin.
The same 9 km again in 47:41, 1 s faster than yesterday. Temps still -8 °C but felt warmer subjectively. Or maybe I'm getting used to the cold?
I'm in but I hope picking up orders from 2016 that are already paid for doesn't count.
About 9 km in -8 ° C. Felt very cold the first 10 to 20 minutes but got warm after that.
Same run as yesterday, around 8,75 km in 45:26, an average of 11,5 km/h. -7 °C.
Around 8,5 km, 11,2 km/h average speed. Super cold air.
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