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Haven't ran in four days but I WILL BE BACK.
Stimmt scho, cove machen übrigens auch Camouflage-Mäntel, wenn man den Stoff dafür hat.
Went running in the snow also but it was pretty dark already and I left the headlamp at home thinking it would be bright enough so I ran slower in the twilight. I think it's good to practise running on snow and ice though.
Die Ecke kenn ich doch.
1870 m in 08:10 yesterday. Really cold air.
I ran another record yesterday: 07:59. Fantastic to finally be in the 7s.
1870 m, the usual track. Ran a new record at 08:04. Fuck yeah.
Yes, if you wash them.
The usual 1870 m in 08:17. The air is getting colder and colder.
Amazing challenge, so many good entries.
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