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I usually wait 3 hours before running after eating but then, I eat pretty obscene amounts of food.
All I can say that I couldn't do it at the pace I want to run at. How old are you if I may ask?
6 km in 12:15 but I had to take two short breaks so let's say 12:30. It's been really, really hard. The race is on Sunday, one more run tomorrow.
Tried something different today and started running the 6 km track noon-ish but had to stop since I hadn't eaten anything. That was kind of dumb but I went through one third the path pretty well, in other words I don't need calories to cover all the track. I think.
I think there really is lightweight tweed but for me, tweed starts at 400 g/m². For your photo, I would guess in the 400-650 range.
Up sides of wool blends: Don't wrinkle as much. (Should be) cheaper. Downsides of wool blends: Tendency to pill. Not as color fast. (All in my opinion.)
Managed to run the full 6 km distance today in 26:38. Very satisfied. Let's see what tomorrow will bring. I can't wait to run this in less than 26:00 on Sunday.
Too much of everything for me.
Ran 6 km with just a short pause at the halfway mark in 26:33. Pretty happy with that. Maybe I'll manage to do it in one go on Tuesday.
Ran about 6 km in 26:58 with a short pause at half the distance. I'm making progress, despite running on Perpetuem.
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