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An enthusiastic "no."Another "no."
44-45 cm across shoulder65 cm sleeves~105 cm chest.I'm 1.86 m. Those were taken from a recent suit.
SuitSupply sweaters in M fit me pretty well (a tad long). I have a coat in SuitSupply's Miami fit in M that also fit pretty well (arms were a bit too long).
Great boots.
Some cloth from Huddersfield. Bronze, a light grey olive green that's not at all olive on this photo, some sage green nailhead below and at the top H&S's nimbus slate blue (cotton/cashmere). The nimbus slate blue is cool, a mix between stone and blue. It will probably be turned into a DB coat with a waistcoat since I have a pair of H&S cotton pants that a) shrunk a lot and b) lost even more colour.
That's a US navy officer bridge coat. I have one just like it, surprisingly in 38L, too I had the sleeves shortened a little bit and the zip for the lining taken out. Who cares if they're aggressive -- they're warm.
More pics of this? Selling it?
I'd return the Borrelli. Button's way too high and the waist too small. The Isaia is a lightweight cloth?
Vass boots with suede uppers. Bought them in early 2013.
I have an 80 % polyester, 20 % cotton shirt. Doesn't shrink. Doesn't wrinkle easily, but when it does, the wrinkles are hard to iron out.
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