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#25 is sold.
Even if somebody can, do you think it would still be available?
Wear grenadine ties (suprised nobody mentioned that)
Nymphenburg München. Trachten tailors will sometimes do bitching stuff in-between Tracht and Classic-Menswear-styled clothes if you ask nicely (and they'll be cheaper, too).
2014 insights: - Tweed is awesome in October and November. - I may have slight problems sticking to a budget (cough). - I don't have shoes that fit me perfectly. - I need to get inner soles in my shoes changed before I get blisters on my heels (that was one painful week). - I may like closer-fitting coats better than looser fitting ones. 2015 plans: - Buy shoes that fit me perfectly. - Get rid of some ties that I don't wear much. - Refine the measurements for the MTM...
I like this idea.
Heavy overcoats would be cool (sic). All coats above 2 kg of weight allowed, pictures must include the coat on a scale. I'll also go with suit + boots.
/\ Looks like somebody took a suit pattern, made it longer, voilà, instant overcoat.
I've successfully ordered from http://www.huddersfieldcloth.com/ and http://www.tessin.it/.
"Cotton blend?" That could be really good or really bad, depending on your taste. If you can go with ivory, you could probably find a wool cloth somewhere (I've never seen completely white wool). Personally, I'd get this made MTM because a) cotton will probably be cheaper than wool thus b) making this a good project to get going with one particular MTM company. Just my opinion. What materials do you like?
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