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I don't think that's even bad. Plus, remember most velvet is cotton, too.
I think the ultimate navy tie may still be available.
Maybe we should add what we ran what distance on... Concrete, trails, sand.
The usual 1870 m that were pretty wet today.
Ran a different track today, about 5 km. Had to walk a couple of times because I suck so bad at long distances. Plus, I'm not even interested in long runs. Maybe I should do them more frequently.
Same as yesterday. Felt pretty good.
The usual 1870 m with more obstacles than usual.
Some of you guys get a lot of distance in.
Button and pockets are a bit too high for me.
Yes, and from what I know, it's because the pigments are actually in the fiber as opposed to attached to the fiber on the outside.I've done plenty of hiking in hot weather and I haven't felt bad wearing polyester or polypropylene items. They all let sweat through instead of absorbing it like cotton.Another up/downside of poly* is that they probably don't contain the pesticides that are apparently all over cotton (but then they're made from petroleum and don't decay).
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