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There is coarse Tweed (Islay), finer Tweed (Bateman Ogden Glenhunt, of which I have two Jackets in the works) and Tweed from worsted wool (I have a suit from Holland & Sherry of such a fabric).
/\ Looks like the wool has discolored a bit? Which brings me to the question if wool can be re-dyed (I have a black coat that's also not so black anymore).
I don't think that exists. I use cloth in the 400 g/m² range for three seasons and 250 g/m² in the summer.
Why? There is nothing wrong with Sandwiches...
Knit ties.
I like their cotton plaid ties (I own one a little like this) and I think the knit ties are very useable, too. I think they get less respect here than they deserve -- they have incredible amounts of patterns in dozens of colours each so it's cheap to figure out what styles suit you and then still find more similar ties.
#25 is sold.
Even if somebody can, do you think it would still be available?
Wear grenadine ties (suprised nobody mentioned that)
Nymphenburg München. Trachten tailors will sometimes do bitching stuff in-between Tracht and Classic-Menswear-styled clothes if you ask nicely (and they'll be cheaper, too).
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