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4.something km in preparation for a 6 km run. Not in one piece and slower than I wanted.
What's it going to be? That is, if you want to share just yet.
Anything happened to your "green" plans you mentioned a while back?
1870 m in 08:32 or so. I ate a huge baguette today an hour before running and that didn't help at all.
1870 m in 08:25 which is starting to get better.
I'm not in NYC but I'd suggest you bring back the forest green/navy grenadine. And I'd also love the following colors:
1870 m in 08:30 which isn't good but better than on Friday.
1870 m yesterday. Time was shit. Gonna run again today.
Of the fast acting kind. Really cool but you'll die of heart attack the next day.
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