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Has anybody ever used Tecnik by Dormeuil? I'm asking because they have the perfect black-grey Stresemann trousers pattern.
That looks almost like a Donegal tweed. Cool stuff.
/\ Is that watch sewn onto the jacket?
Impossible! There's no manipulation in cinema!
In Cuba, he'd probably wear a lightweight cloth but, (almost) no wrinkles with a lightweight cloth?
I'm looking for a fabric ID. The source of the screenshots is the 1950s movie Lady without Passport. The guy takes a few hits from a bunch of Cuban mobsters but the suit still looks almost wrinkle-free the next morning. Doesn't look like linen at all to me, it also has a little bit of sheen. Wool/Mohair maybe?
The red camo has now been turned into two shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve).Colour accuracy is strictly not guaranteed.
Here's an example from Holland & Sherry. Worsted wool with a tweed pattern. The colours are slightly different IRL of course.
Cotton fades and the lighter shade may look like cardboard after fading. I'd go with the darker shade.
And I thought my Suunto X10 was big.
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