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Both cloths by Bateman Ogden, made up by Saxby.
Not if you are interested in wearing it below freezing, I guess.
I know what you mean but when I had a cotton jacket made this year, we made the sleeves 1 cm longer to compensate for shrinking and wrinkling. So far, it's worked out well. I don't know what went wrong with your jacket but I think, with a little planning, cotton suits can come out fine.
Looks good, trousers a bit too skinny for my tastes (and I'm skinny, too).
Navy with stripes, so 0507 etc.Too bad you can't really tell colours apart on their website.
I would say yes. I don't like black shirts and I think many people in here will say the same.In your case, maybe a bright grey shirt will work. The grey jacket doesn't leave a lot of room, which is why I stay away from grey personally.
I don't know if higher collars have an own name but if you have a long neck, a higher collar (with two buttons) is the way to go. Too bad many salespeople don't seem to know about this. As for collars getting shorter, it's probably got to do with saving a few cm of cloth per shirt than anything else.
Is that the latest kilt style you're wearing there?
I've had shrinkage with everything cotton I've ever had make, including by Holland & Sherry.
Cotton jackets!
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