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Looks like I may not be running enough.I did 9 km today though.
I'm talking blisters, blood under nails, problems with tendons and joints etc.
Based on what I read here, I'm starting to think that every runner's feet look like shit.
1870 m in 08:19 which is a pretty good time. The track is still wet here and there and I assume I'll be a couple of seconds faster once it dries up.
I like your very consistent avatars.
Around 9 km in 49:28. Went a little slower with pulse between 145 and 165.
Price lowered to 400 EUR/400 USD.
Did the run I mentioned but it turned out to be only about 13 km. 95+ % asphalt which I don't like. Time was good and speed was very consistent.
1870 m + ~3 km on Friday, ~9 km yesterday and maybe I'll do a run right now of about 15 km.
I'm selling my 2016 Veilance Arc'teryx Field Jacket in M. This is one of the most technical M65 clones you can get. Eight pockets total, made from Gore-Tex. Perfect condition. Retails for 1200 EUR. I'm thinking 400 EUR/US$ 400. Will be cleaned and waterproofing will be renewed before shipping (Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct). Worldwide insured shipping is free.
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