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1870 m in 09:16, followed by ~5,5 km in 29:57. Felt good to run a bit slower for once.
~8,75 km in 48:31
That would be the Ultimate Navy Tie.
~9 km after work in the night. Pretty fast run, too.
Looks like I may not be running enough.I did 9 km today though.
I'm talking blisters, blood under nails, problems with tendons and joints etc.
Based on what I read here, I'm starting to think that every runner's feet look like shit.
1870 m in 08:19 which is a pretty good time. The track is still wet here and there and I assume I'll be a couple of seconds faster once it dries up.
I like your very consistent avatars.
Around 9 km in 49:28. Went a little slower with pulse between 145 and 165.
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