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My standard 1870 m in 08:51. First time this year.
Around 9 km yesterday at 13 ° C. Wore just a fleece and a shirt underneath.
I'm not. It's a great wallet. Wallet ZIP pouch. As good as bespoke. The amount of stuff I store in mine is unreal.
Around 8 km. Most of the ice is now gone.
~9 km in 51:38. Took it really slow (10-11 km/h) and managed to climb a stupid hill in the forest in without walking for the first time ever.
Need a bespoke Lederhose?
I would agree with that.
8,75-9 km in 48:51. There was still a ton of really badly slippery ice on the track at the beginning.
Does it have a URL, too? BTW: I'm thinking about trying this one: don't like running uphill for long though so maybe it would be a disaster.
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