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Did I just miss their spring sale for non preferred customers?
Dino, don't give this ass clown the time of day.  I think her sole intent here is to troll, so let her be.     'comon daughter' 
Hi Guys.  I have never got around to wearing these and have been hung in my closet with brand new tags and all in tact.  I am asking 40$ shipped and paypaled within the CONUS.     Again they are brand new and never worn.  
why the secrecy?
thanks for providing the link.  Is there an extra fee associated with purchasing a last?  
what exactly are AE lasts some are referring to?
not only that, but I am certain the 6 months process to cure and produce cordovan accounts for $$$$$   Can anyone point me to which products I would need to properly care for my AE Strands in walnut? I was thinking AE shoe trees, AE conditioner/cleaner.  Would I need their polish in walnut too?
Spoo would you mind teaching us the art of tying ties your way? please
Having never heard of shell cordovan.. I began my search to discover what this talk was about.  During that I came across Horween's blog and found some really cool videos, one of which shows the process of cordovan being made.   So from what I gather cordovan is horse (rump) skin?  I am no animal rights activist, but I am curious how they gather so much horse rump skin?
Are you his spouse?  If so, then I understand. I don't know about you, but I could careless about impressing people with my belongings.  I buy if I like the style and for my own satisfaction.  If I get compliments from people along the way, great!    
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