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a poorly lit photo of SC  wingtips on a rainy day:  
 i think it was something like <200 usd
 i doubt it; the shoes in the IG picture have a higher degree of finishing than J Fitzpatrick. also, the overall aesthetic of the brand just doesn't seem very in-line with skoak's.
 nope, i snagged from rakuten awhile ago at a ridiculously low price.
 breakin' out the lopez for the first time in awhile  
 it's the same people in the same workshop, as far as i know. IIRC, a friend/colleague of his ended up buying the brand and they've been expanding ever since, with (i believe) no decrease in quality.
i believe you can order direct from them --- when i visited the shop in florence earlier this year, i was given a business card and told to simply call or email to place an order.
i think it's stefano bemer, judging from the shape of the vamp of the shoes in the photo. they've been expanding their RTW collection recently too. also, their MTO program is pretty good
 Do they really use corrected grain leather? I was under the impression that it was just embossed
likewise (but only in suede!).
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