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is SC's "russian leather" just a hatch-grain renamed, or is it actually some of that stuff that was "discovered" on the shipwreck? 
is the warzone oxford fabric noticeably thicker or more "rugged" than the normal oxford cloths? 
i like the sweater collar; is it a full button up? 
 @justinkapur are those the normal horn buttons that eidos uses? the picture makes it look like they're thicker or made from a different material or something
@Leaves Might have been mentioned before, but when are the smaller sizes you mentioned several months ago that you'd be stocking soon expected to come in?
 Might be late to the party, but did they switch to those shoe trees for RTW too?
is there supposed to be a difference in length for the same size among different lasts? i've observed that the simpson last seems to be ~.5 cm longer than the rain last, even for the same size
 The more I see pictures of Eidos's lapels, the more I like them. 
 Nice, I like the color. It's interesting to see the difference between shades of what different shoemakers call snuff. 
 Just measured --- about 3.25 cm. of extra material in the waist and a little more in the chest.
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