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  oh, oops. thanks for the heads up
@gdl203 is the birdwatching jacket already out of stock in 2, or is it not being offered in that size? it says out of stock when the size is selected, but there aren't any measurements provided for a 2. 
that collar is amazing
 ok that's pretty damn cool
 they're fairly thick, which i prefer to most loafer socks, which are uncomfortably thin. i'll have to give the SWs a try.
An even cheaper alternative is Ninja Sox --- I've had great success with them. At the price, they're practically disposable (though extremely durable and long-lasting).    http://ninjasox.com/collections/frontpage/products/ninja-sox-3-0-heather-gray
loafer socks!
this may be a tired question, but how is the instep on loafers on the KN14 last in comparison to other makers? this is the main sticking point for me for loafers
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