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+1 to the scarf
you can probably still just provide that measurement in the custom options 
this is a really old order, they've fixed it since. it was because they only put 3 buttons on the fly, and they're sort of misaligned. i'll eventually get it fixed. i'll try to get around to the pictures in the next couple days. the fabric is http://custom.luxire.com/products/khaki-twill-chino
forgive the weirdly retracted arms:   [[SPOILER]]
I like the guncheck. It's a bit difficult to resolve the colors though. Is it a blue and tan/gold?
Those are some nice shoes. G&G maybe? 
from gusvs9's instagram:  
  oh i didn't translate it --- just used google translate, which says it's in a "Buffalo leather female" with a "distinctive embossed patten". 
 thanks, it's a wool jersey knit from a couple seasons ago from Ring Jacket.
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