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Drake's x Saint Crispin's after a couple months and approx. a dozen wears.      
Up for sale is a pair of Drake's x Saint Crispin's Dark Brown Split-toe derbies in the Inca grained leather. Worn about a dozen or so times, selling because I'm gradually replacing my shoe rotation with shoes half a size smaller. Includes original box, shoes, hand-lasted hollow shoe trees.  Has a seamless back and creasing is pretty much unnoticeable (thanks to the excellently fitted shoe trees).  Details:  Brand: Saint Crispin's  Style: Split-toe derby Size: 6.5F (F is...
 thanks, it's a 3
yes, well, i'm 5' 5", so i take the shortest i can get 
just got the schneider shirt jacket: here are some shitty iphone pics. the fabric was definitely not what i expected, but in a good way.    my only gripe is that it could be a little shorter (~1.5").       
 That's a nice platitude, but it has very little basis in reality.   Realize this--that which I am arguing for is not that rubber soles are superior, but rather that the application of a topy or the use of a dainite sole in place of a leather sole does not noticeably decrease the quality of the shoe. The null hypothesis; that is, the default position, is obviously that the use of such rubber soles is not noticeably detrimental to the shoe, since there is no immediately...
Also, whether or not the shoemakers themselves wear rubber/topyed soled shoes is of no relevance--without further information, a conclusion cannot be drawn. Perhaps they see rubber soled shoes as a bastardization of the craft, or perhaps they simply don't mind going through shoes quicker than normal by wearing leather soled shoes all the time, just because they have the ability to make shoes for themselves. In any case, it simply doesn't make sense to speculate and draw...
I prefer to take people at their professional word rather than engage in baseless speculation, particularly when I have not even the slightest reason to suspect his motives. 
 I have spoken with Mr. Gaziano regarding this exact topic, and it is his opinion that adding a topy/having a dainite/rubber sole is of absolutely no concern to the "breathability" of the shoe. Since I'm no expert, I have no idea how correct or incorrect this is from a shoemaking perspective, but for what it's worth, I've never noticed any difference in terms of shoe "breathability" between leather and rubber soled shoes. 
Just pulled the trigger on the linen SS shirt jacket as well. Will post pics when it arrives!
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