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 the cardigan doesn't run small at all; i'd stick with your normal size. the pants aren't particularly slim --- i have fairly prominent calves which can cause issues with some makers' pants, but i don't have an issue with these. the only possible point of concern is that since the waistband doesn't stretch, it can be a bit of an ordeal to get them on if you aren't super slim (imagine trying to slide on jeans that are already buttoned up). 
 i just took my normal size (28). 
in the drawstring pants (which are awesome) and the indigo basketweave cardigan:    [[SPOILER]]
agreed; i normally tuck it in, but didn't bother to do so for the photo
some shitty photos of the maiden voyage of the calabrese tie i bought several months ago and chucked in a closet and completely forgot about until today:    
 exact same thing just happened to mine (which is also in white). i just stitched it up as best i could. funnily enough i've had no problem with my navy lupo, even though i've had it for at least twice as long. 
 This is correct, although when I visited them last summer I think they only had one hide left. 
 BCK has a rather shorter nap than KUD; also, KUD is really soft all around, which means it stretches a lot more. personally i prefer BCK since in my experience it's more hard-wearing, although if you don't intend to beat them up then KUD is definitely not a bad choice
 i really don't know why people think suede gets destroyed by rain---on the contrary, it's the best material (bar synthetics) for it! i've completely soaked my SCs suedes in water and after a couple days a quick brush is all it takes to get them back to looking new. even better if a good waterproofing spray is applied, and any loss of color can be reversed by saphir's suede spray
just my two cents on the suede business: my shoe rotation is (compared to most on this site) small and almost entirely suede. i usually end up wearing either my pair of suede lobb lopezes or my SC suede chukkas (the same ones i recently posted pics of) on a day to day basis; i've had both for a couple years and so they've each easily gotten 100+ outings.   since i also live seattle and regularly walk 5+ miles each day in often inclement weather, the difference in suedes...
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