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 That's mine! Just received it yesterday, will post fit pics after it gets back from the tailor's (armholes were a bit off).
As far as I know, bleeding will occur as long as the hem is in contact with the suede. You might have more luck if you cuff them slightly, such that only the interior of the jeans are in contact with the suede. If the jeans are newer and raw, I've found that even cuffing them can't completely get rid of te bleeding. Fortunately, the dye will come off with water/saphir suede "shampoo". After all, the dye is water soluble.
What sizes will be available?
  in that case, i'm probably wrong. i haven't seen any eidos SCs in person so perhaps it's just a combination of it being too small and having different styling characteristics than i'm used to. 
 it's hard to tell. i think the shoulder divots on 3 and 4 are indications that those are too big. 
shoulders look large on all of them
Great news --- any idea when, roughly, the delivery time would be on this? i.e. would it be early enough that it would still be usable this fall/winter?
 Interesting to note. Thanks.
@N E B how heavy is the poa cardigan? 
Yeah the site's slow. I believe @gdl203 has already addressed this previously, although I don't remember whether he said they're going to improve it or not.
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