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 May I ask what you specifically requested wrt the relasting? Did you change from RTW sizing to your personal last? And did it entail making the shoe smaller or larger? 
 Hm, I see. Thanks. 
@Ambulance Chaser  Would you happen to know what the smallest size they carry is? 
Can personal lasts/last adjustments only be done during SC trunk shows?
how's the SS poa cardigan supposed to fit? sorely tempted, but i haven't seen it worn yet, so i don't know how it drapes
I'm selling my pair of lightly worn St. Crispin's austerity brogues; asking 700 plus shipping wherever. PayPal only.    Details: -Mid-brown (603 crust calf) -Metal toe taps -6.0 F UK (standard width) -Classic last  -Single leather JR sole w/ oak pegged waist -Includes Hanger project shoe trees, original shoe box, dust bags
 I would size up if you're used to american sizing. 
Oh, I was under the impression that those two at Haberdash were just early arrivals for F/W '14 or something. I didn't know that they'll be all that'll be made. 
 Can you say where the smallest sizes of this jacket will be stocked? Would really like to get my hands on one of them...
Capobianco; got it from Yoox for very cheap --- they still have quite a few in stock iiirc
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