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 they're fairly thick, which i prefer to most loafer socks, which are uncomfortably thin. i'll have to give the SWs a try.
An even cheaper alternative is Ninja Sox --- I've had great success with them. At the price, they're practically disposable (though extremely durable and long-lasting).    http://ninjasox.com/collections/frontpage/products/ninja-sox-3-0-heather-gray
loafer socks!
this may be a tired question, but how is the instep on loafers on the KN14 last in comparison to other makers? this is the main sticking point for me for loafers
 judging from the photos, the most obvious difference is the shape of the quarters; the 524's are a lot more rounded.  i have a pair in a snuff suede on the classic last, and they go with pretty much everything. i wouldn't wear them with proper 'workwear' denim (e.g. triple-cuffed wide legged light washed beaten up jeans) though
   navy shirts are surprisingly versatile!
thanks! they're from ambrosi
a similar fit to my previous one; picture taken while at the armoury a few weeks ago:  
 i'd shorten the shirt by a couple inches. looks like way too much material to comfortably tuck into pants as they are
thanks! nope, they're actually navy as well --- it's just poor lighting. here's a better pic: 
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