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Bought from Ikkon and worn sparingly. All scuffs documented in pictures. Bottoms haveb black marks that are only surface stains. IT43 comes with dust bag, box, white shoelaces, black shoelaces.
 Image from CRUVOIR (will post more tomorrow)  retailed for $1260, bought for ~525. 200 shipped conus great jacket, light-medium pebbled linen, semi cowl neck.  size medium
Minimal wear.  I've only taken this outside a couple times months ago. No tears, holes, or any sort of major flaws.  There are two ~1cm areas on the jacket that show slight flaw, and I've posted those pictures (one on collar, one next to center zipper.    The leather still has some texture from not being worn in, which should smooth out with wear.   For context, I'm 6'0, ~165 (including gut) and sz32/48
New, slight wear OK.  Only black
Second owner.  Worn once or twice.   Condition 8.5/10   At work, only have previous owners pictures (will take down if that's problematic, sorry)   i just measured and it seems consistent with the stock 48 measurements available here   using this as a guide
140 shipped
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