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Awesome.  That's the type of advise I'm looking for.  Does Caruso have a lot of different cuts?  Is there a specific model I should be looking for or is slim the house cut there?
So, I'm looking for a slim fit, narrow label, cotton suit.  I live in Houston and work in an environment where I can't wear a sport coat without people asking if I'm going to an interview.  I figure I can pull off a khaki cotton suit though, sans tie most likely.  Plus, it'll be good for weddings that retards here in Texas schedule outdoors in June.   I originally thought that I could find something in the sub $600 dollar range just to beat around in. I'm a really...
Why do all of ya'll have these random X-Files pictures at the ready?!?!
Ok, update time!   I got the jacket tailored at Nick Lopez Tailors here in Houston.  I'm very happy with the results.  Wore it to work today.  If I got a coat any smaller, I'd feel like Chris Farley, "fat man in a little coat!!"  
It definitely appears the consensus is. . .that I need to go to a tailor.   We'll see what he has to say tomorrow. Thanks all for you input and have a happy New Year!
I have weird measurements. I'm like 19" at the shoulders, 39" at the chest, and  32" waist.    So I need a 42L in the shoulders and or the length, but it ends up too big in the chest and waist.     
I'm heading to the tailor on Monday, so I'll see what he has to say as well.    The shoulders are really close, but the body is a bit baggy. I really like the coat though. It's a cashmir and silk blend that will work well in here in Texas. 
Does this jacket fit correctly in the shoulders? I'm trying to see if I bought the correct size.  
Ok, I'm newish to traditional styling clothes.  I am recovering Banana Republic-aolic on about the 3rd step of the 12 step program.  I only own one suit, but I lucked out an got great advice at Saks and got a decent dark grey Corneliani.   That said, I don't really have a day-to-day need for suits.  Work is dressy casual with slacks and a sport shirt button down.  My wife is a recently graduated attorney, and I always feel a bit under dressed when I hang out with her...
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