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  As you can see, us engi-nerds aren't so good at the spellin'.  We are good at making the money though!
I buy all my Incotex/Zenga as Ebay purchases NWOT for about $120 a pair.  At that price they represent a GREAT deal.  The material and workmanship is excellent at that price.  I would not pay more than about $180 per pair for them though, and that would be for a current season with tags.
  If you own Zegna pants, you likely know a lot about Incotex.  Incotex makes most of Zenga's dress pants.  For wool dress pants, Incotex is the tits.  Super slim fitting, so I have to go up a size.   Don't know about Tom Ford pants, but I'd like to know some others that come close as well.
I'm an engineer.  If you know what a borque is, you'll be dressed better than your interviewer.  Engineers as a whole are not known for being well dressed.   That said, I'm not a fan of brown shoes for an interview.  They'll definitely work, but I prefer a charcoal suit and black shoes for an interview.
Ralph Lauren Black Label is very slim.  My favorite suit of all time, but most of their non-suit apparel is a bit fashion forward or sporty for me.  Suits are pure awesome though.  
I agree it looks like either the jacket is one size too small, or the waist was suppressed just a bit much.  It is also a little short, unless that's what you were going for, but I think on guys who aren't especially tall, that's not a good look.   If you're more than a drop 8, which it's looks like you are, you'll need to be looking for slim suits.  I'm in a similar boat, but I'm a tall guy.  At the very low cost end is Zara.  They'll have stuff that fits, but the...
Pictures are NOT good, but looks legit.   Label appears ok, has the Brioni lining, and the button holes look hand made, which certainly wouldn't be done on a repo
Maybe because it's a mustard yellow used jacket?
Caruso makes RLBL.  I have a couple of RLBL suits and bought a Caruso made suit off Ebay.  What I got was a completely different cut from the RLBL Anthony cut.  They might be able to do it MTM, but I'd try to make sure the person measuring you knows what you want, super high arm holes, tapered sleeves, etc.
So I recently acquired a Barba Napoli dress shirt from Shop the Finest (an excellent vendor, btw).   The shirt came with a hang tag signaling that the garment was made by Barba.  The photo below is what it says.   For those too lazy to read:   Tradition and modernity,   wise embroideresses,   technology in the van.   Barba Napoli   Just the passion   makes unique.     tr;dl   Babra, good at making shirts, bad at translating...
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