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For sale is a pair of Ralph Lauren loafers - the Grassmoor model - made by Gaziano and Girling. These shoes are marked size 9.5/10 D on the KN14 last and are in dark brown burnished calf. Shoes are new though have light signs of store wear. Shoes only, as no bags, no box, and no trees are provided.   $325 shipped to the lower 48.  Sorry no international shipping.   All sales are final.  No returns.
 If he likes RLBL, I think WW Chan would be a bad call.  The RLBL cut is very specific for a slim fit, which I love btw, but is not something Chan normally cuts.
Why don't you just stick with RLBL?  Are they too fashion forward for you?  They do a MTO program where you can get the RLBL cut in all sorts of fabrics for about $1000 cheaper than that Zenga suit your'e looking at.
 I think so.
It's a 3-roll-2.  Which is a style.  I guess you could have them make that one as a 2 button, but why?   For retail, that's not a very good deal for a suit.
What's the latest ETA for more Benjamin suits?   Are you planning to restock charcoal in all sizes?  I'm in a wedding coming up in early November that I need a 41/42L suit for.
You can wear brown in my opinion, but I think wingtips are a bit casual for the occasion.  A cap toe would be better.   A burgundy colored shoe would be best, but not everyone owns a pair.
Jesus!  Half a size too big.   Does anyone know if the TG73 last fits long?  I'm normally a solid 9.5/10E in the EG 888.
I need some help with shirt sizing.   I'm normally a 15.5" x 35" in Brooks Brothers Slim shirting.  I've taken some measurements off that shirt, and I'm still not sure even a 16" Benjamin Sartorial shirt will fit.  Most of the measurements seem close, except for the shoulder.  The shoulder on the 16" Benjamin shirt is still 0.25' to 0.5" short of the BB slim depending on where I measure it from.   Now, I'm a skinny guy.  RLBL is the only suit off the rack that fits me...
Only one thing you need to know.  Ralph Lauren Black Label.  Once you go Black, you won't go back.  I'm approximately the same size as you, and RLBL fits like a glove.  Zero jacket tailoring off the rack.  You'll probably be a 42L in RLBL.  There's a sale going on now, but it's at the end, so most of the sizes are gone.  If you up your budget a few hundy, you can grab a stable charcoal or navy.  Trust me, it's worth it.   I troll Ebay constantly for 42L models.  I bet...
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