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Grant is true to size, and feels true to size. For me, it was a great fit.
 is this worn out enough? :D (tumblr - #alden #shell #cordovan #modifiedlast #boots in need of a little care. We are going to deconstruct, repair, patch and rebuild this classic adventurers boot for many more years of use. (at Moulded Shoe Inc.) here is the after repair shot
carpet helps with eliminating scratches, but you cannot bend them with that much force. if you were buying these shoes from someone else, would you accept them as new? probably not
Thanks BenLeaman. Very kind of you. Is this the website you reference? That is the only Washington DC alden store I'm familiar with.
hello guys,   question: Where can I pre-order brown, whiskey, ravello colored Cordovan leather Alden boots (similar to 4060 #8) ??
Well, lots of formal events and wedding coming up in 2015/2016... so I decided to buy some new clothes and shoes!! :-)   Now I need to find a tailor.   Canali Solid Wool Suit - Grey   Canali - Solid Wool Suit... Blue Cornellani - Wool/Cashmere Tweed Sportcoat   Alden Cordovan Cap Toe Boots
Oooi   I love those Crockett & Jones. Beauties.     I'm jumping on the Alden Cordovan bandwagon... Just submitted a order for the shoemart Cordovan cap toe boots... will publish some pictures when they arrive later this week  
80-90 bucks is what they usually sell for around here
maybe a 29. if you have skinny legs get PS, otherwise NS
by baggy you mean the stacking at the bottom? that is normal as most vendors tend to have one size that fits people with longer legs. these are fresh out of the box and have not been hemmed as of yet, so the only thing i could do was stack the jean at the bottom to avoid cuffing them multiple times. 
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