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80-90 bucks is what they usually sell for around here
maybe a 29. if you have skinny legs get PS, otherwise NS
by baggy you mean the stacking at the bottom? that is normal as most vendors tend to have one size that fits people with longer legs. these are fresh out of the box and have not been hemmed as of yet, so the only thing i could do was stack the jean at the bottom to avoid cuffing them multiple times. 
Need some advice...   Does this require hemming as far as the fit is concerned? I was recently introduced to slim denims and bought these Petite Standards from APC.    This is size 30:
HEY GUYS!!    My Petite Standards (Size 30) just arrived from TBS (Europe to California in 3 days Wowwww, gotta love TBS shipping) How does this fit look to you guys?? I'm not into denim so i need some opinions on whether this is a good denim fit?? I plan on having them hemmed as soon as i break them in and wash them once. The jeans fit me tight, but not so tight that my family jewels are crushed.    this is size 30, my normal size is 32. My measurements: 5'11, 165...
my first PS apc's on the way, cant wait to try them   used the TBS discount. see below   Discount (#twitterUSD) USD -33.00 Grand Total USD 124.20  
Camo Pants have arrived... was not sure how match them so go easy on me LOL     See below. I've hidden them to save your screen space. [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
  I concur, the shirt is down right SICK. It is so comfortable and good looking you will have to run away to keep woman off of you 
    Epaulet version is cheaper, thats the one i posted anyway
    are digi camos spectacular? 
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