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Thank you for the advice everyone! I agree with what you said about college being a place to freely express yourself. Maybe I am over thinking this, but I'm going to head out this weekend and grab some plain v-necks. That should be a good starting point.
I will be finishing up my freshman year in the next month and I am planning on changing my style around for this next year.   Some close friends have told me to look at what people around me are wearing, but I go to a community college and the majority of students here wear sweatshirts, etc. What would you recommend for a sharp, but casual style? I am not looking for suits, but I want to get rid of all my name brand clothes and rebuild my wardrobe.    Right now I...
I have been donating a lot of my clothes and giving them away because I want to rebuild my wardrobe. I am in my early 20s and I am tired of being a walking advertisement. A lot of clothes that I owned were drowning in designs and logos by stores like Aeropostale or Hollister.    I'm really not sure where to start. I was thinking of buying maybe 3 casual oxford shirts, a couple polo shirts, maybe a v-neck, then to start looking at some blazers. I don't want to just...
My manager recently offered me a server position at our restaurant. It feels good because I've worked so hard over this past year.
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