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I have a pair of Levis 505 jeans which are selvedge. I'm guessing they are the type below, which would be raw according to the description, but the labels don't say anything besides 505.   My question is if there is any way - just looking at the jeans - that I can tell if they are raw?
There is not nearly as much difference in price between corduroy pants as there is denim, but at least with denim I can see where some the price differential comes from. What separates a 100 - 200 pair of corduroy pants from from a 50 buck one?
Are all naked and famous jeans raw - or do they have any washed jeans?
How can you tell what style - New Standard, New Cure - an APC jean is - is this listed anywhere on the jean?   Also, are all APC jeans raw, or are some washed?
No, I'm not. I know the jeans are legit, I'm just wondering what style they are, and if they are raw.
I'm looking at a pair of APC jeans on eBay and the seller (legitimate) says that he doesn't know what they are (New Cure, New Standards, etc) -is this anywhere on the jean?   Are all APC jeans raw, or are some washed?
What are the most unique jeans out there - I don't mean in terms of rarity, but general construction - very heavy or lightweight denim, extreme slubbiness, unusual twill, etc.
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