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Any recommendations for a moderately dressy slim fit khaki/chino?
Does anyone have the RED WINE suede Bushacres? I bought a pair of these from Shoemall for 45 bucks, but I'm thinking about cancelling the order because I think the color may too purplish -red-tending towards brown is ok with me, but I don't see what purple would go with. Does anyone have these and can comment on the color?
  I've posted this link from the eBay auction. The eBay seller did say that my hoodie had been washed several times. I'm wondering if the material is intrinsicially not soft, or if washing and perhaps drying it incorrectly is responsible for its current rough feel. I will try some fabric softener on it to see what happens
I know this isn't fully a 2011 question but I didn't want to start a new thread.   I have a loop terry W + H hoodie purchased from eBay. This is an older one from when they still used Riri zippers. The loop terry material is quite uncomfortable to my skin - in fact this is the most uncomfortable sweatshirt I have ever tried. Has anyone else had this experience? Perhaps washing it with fabric softener would help? Are the 2011 W + H loop terry hoodies any more...
I live in Seattle. Should I buy the Bushacre instead of the Original Desert Boot due the high probability of being in the rain? My understanding is that the planatation crepe soles have litle traction in the rain.   Are there any difference between the synthetic and planatation crepe soles other than traction and look?   If I get the Bushacre, is there a difference between the Bushacre and Bushacre 2?  
Does anyone know if there is a NEW type of Wings + Horns Loop Terry Loop Hoodie for 2011? The below link seems to indicate that W + H created a new terry loop for 2011, and this is lighter than Tiger Fleece. Did terry loop exist before 2011, and is it indeed lighter than tiger fleece and more suitable for warmer temps?    
I'm actually ok with the color, just pointing out that I was pretty surprised when I got it. Not sure how to describe the color, more of a blue-green rather than blue.   Not that it matters much given the price, but these jeans have a tag that says they are "raw". But getting the jeans and looking at it and feeling the denim, it feels washed. Are there actually "raw" jeans that look like this (e.g. not monochromatic?).
I have a pair of black "distressed" Dior Homme jeans. I'm not sure if these are authentic and hopefully someone can help.   There is no care tag. No size listed, no place of origin listed.   There is no top clasp. Instead there is a top button with the engraved words "Dior Homme" on it. See the picture.    No serial numbers listed anywhere, checked the pockets.   No "CD" metal bracket on a belt loop.   Inseam 33, not hemmed, aren't Dior jeans longer...
I've purchased a Hermes tie from eBay (from Goodwill) that I suspect is a fake. It doesn't have the thread loop in the back. When I look up the number 7300 EA on Web and notice that the examples on the web are the same pattern, but on a blue background while my tie is on a red background. Does Hermes ever do the same pattern with different color backgrounds?
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