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Price drop.
I'm also selling these in black on eBay.
Bruno Magli Myles Slip On Loafers, size 9, Brown, good condition   I'm a new seller here but am a longtime eBayer (redzone14) with perfect feedback.   Will ship to CONUS only. +4% for Paypal or Paypal gift.    
I know many people here polish their new shoes before wearing. Does anyone use leather conditioner on new shoes before polishing and if so why?
What is the difference between the labels John Rich and Bros Woolrich (it also says Woolrich Woolen Mills) and Woolrich Woolen Mills? I thought Woolrich Woolen Mills was the more expensive label, but why does the John Rich label also say Woolrich Woolen Mills?
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but what is the email of Allen Edmonds Shoebank? I can't find it through searching here.
I've always worn shoes like Rockports in the past - my workplace is business casual and I've prioritized comfort. I'm looking for something nicer but not too formal, are there any other manufacturers I should consider besides Allen Edmonds and Alden (AE is much more available in my area). I'm hesitant to buy online unless there are easy returns.
Looking for slim fitting chinos suitable for a business casual environment. I don't really like the fit of Brooks Brothers Milano and Dockers Alpha is too casual.
Any opinions of the quality of these lines? I see them at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.
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