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I'm satisfied with Allen Edmonds but am curious about the high end shoes and it won't be big dent in my pocketbook. I'm primarily wondering about why someone would consider BLACK shoes specifically at that price level, given that the black shoes might be less distinguishable from AE as they won't have a noticeable patina/finish. It is not for others to notice, but more for myself in the sense that I would want something different but not forward like the French shoes....
What baby steps would you recommend?
I don't own any shoes better than Allen Edmonds but am thinking about moving up to Edward Green level. It seems that one advantage of shoes in this price range in the patina of the leather, but getting black shoes (although useful for me) would seem negate this advantage? Allen Edmonds already can last a long time and be resoled so what would the advantage of very high quality black shoes be - the shape of the last, knowing you have very well made shoes, or what? 
Are the Ralph Lauren (I think Purple Label) shoes made by Edward Green the same quality as the Edward Green label shoes?
I just got my first pair of shell cordovan shoes. I have some Allen Edmonds conditioner/cleaner - is there any reason to apply this to the shoes if I don't specifically need to clean it before polishing?   Should I brush the shoes, or buff with a cloth, after every wearing?
I just got these cordovan McNeils, which are seconds. The open part of the vamp for the lacing doesn't seem to align on both shoes so the laces run at an angle. Is this a defect?  
I have not tried Alden shoes before but have Allen Edmonds. If I wear size 9D in AE Park Avenues, what size should I try in Alden Barrie last?
As a relative newbie, I'm wondering what SF members thoughts are on the best price value/point (both retail and at SF prices/lightly used) for various items of men's dress clothing. For example, for dress shoes I suspect it may be around 300-350 (retail) for Allen Edmonds, which might translate to 150-250 SF/or 2nds. I don't have a good sense of what this point is for other items such as shirts, etc. Another question would be for which items spending more than the...
I live in Seattle and would really like a RM Williams Chelsea boot, but have no way to buy locally, and I am really hesitant to spend that much money ordering online when fit is uncertain. Is there a place to order that has returns, particularly where shipping won't cost a lot to return?
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