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I've noticed that loafers seem to be priced similarly to oxfords and bluchers in retail, but in the secondary market often have only a fraction of the value of oxfords and bluchers which were close in price in retail. Why is this?
I see EG and Vass, and G&G and JLP to a lesser extent often touted here. I don't see nearly as much mention of French shoemakers like Corthay, or the multiple Italian brands - are these thought to be more focused on fashion forward style than quality? Which of the Italian and French shoemakers is in the EG/JLP/Vass/GG range without having Lattanzi level prices?
I know John Lobb prestige seconds can sometimes be had for a good price in Northhampton, what is a good price on eBay for them?
If I am 9D in Allen Edmonds, what size should I get in John Lobb 8000 last?
What size should I get Edward Green 888 last in - I am 9D in Allen Edmonds.
I am travelling to Paris later this year. Are Berluti and Corthay shoes currently substantially cheaper in Paris, or should I just buy in the US?
This line has been out for some time. Any opinions from owners? How do they compare to the regular AE line, and how do they stack up to the mid-level British makes?
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